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    Selecting partition

    I was looking for a way to choose without having to go to System Preferences, Startup Volume and select the partition to boot from, maybe a boot up cd or something. I tried the option-key but that doesnt work as the os on each partition are identical.
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    Mulit Language MAC

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Mini MAc with OS X Panther but im fairly new to using MAC's I need to set up the mac with multi language support for testing purposes. With the pc's i use, this is possible by installing several versions of operating systems in several langauge and using...
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    Selecting partition

    I have a mini mac with 3 partitions and OS X Panther installed on partition 1 and again on partition 2. I would like to create an image of partition 1 and store it on partition 3 so that i can then use partition 2 to restore partition 1 without having to re-install the entire operating...