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    Jaguar and Classic

    Classic is not included with the full Mac OS X 10.2 disks, no. You get two install disks for 10.2 plus a developers tool disk. Any classic installation you require will have to be done from any disks you already have.
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    Netscape 6.2.3 or Mozilla 1.0 ?

    Mozilla slow?? I've used the following on my rev b iMac with OS 8.6: - Netscape 6 (cack) - IE 5.1 (cack) - Opera 5 (heh) - Mozilla 1 (wow) I intend also to see how this pans out on OS X. But on OS 8.6 the different is pronounced!
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    trouble downloading qt6

    Yeah. Every time I try, I just get QT 5.05. I couldn't see the broadcast properly at the time, and it's still not working now. Oh well. We know the news now anyway...
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    And Apple's earnings data moaned about the markets in Europe and Japan specifically... :rolleyes:
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    Recording my bass on my iMac TFT

    For mulit-track recording you might want to try Pro Tools Free, available from the DigiDesign website. I imagine you can only run it in Classic though. Are there not any good Firewire audio interfaces out there? USB audio interfaces are much better than they were, but I should imagine latency...
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    Does this look good for an Mp3 Player?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that looks A LOT like one of the skins of Windoze Media Player... just because you can "do" round windows, doesn't mean they add anything to the user experience. In fact, I associate "round" media windows with impenetrable error messages concerning...
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    10.2 prices

    Well, Apple used to do that "proof of purchase" scheme, whereby you could get a new major release slightly cheaper if you had just recently bought the OS.
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    Press3 Reviews

    The word is "spouse" -- I should know, I've had one for sometime. So I know of what I speak with regards marriage ;) As for the usefulness of Minday's comments, of course her relationship to Admin has a bearing on all of this! As would yours or mine! Don't be so naive. Uh yeah, thanks. See...
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    10.2 prices

    Heheheheh, there's that fryke again, banging on about "Common Sense" (TM) Have you seen his website? ;)
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    Press3 Reviews

    Re your latter point, agreed. But I think you need to address two things: - It has been suggested you have a link to Admin. If that's the case, you should declare this up-front; failure to do so renders your posts pointlessly subjective - Don't go round proclaiming the need for -- and joys...
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    Press3 Reviews

    Well, OK, fair enough, the whole censorsip / threats episode soured a lot of things, but did you actually see what Admin posted when the site was down the other day? Talk about reputations... and the typos etc. in this notice didn't help! Anyway, I think you'll find that having a good /...
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    Jaguar 6C48 New Finder Preference

    I think it's food-related, coming from the alleged French preference for "frogs legs." The French retaliation for the English calling them "frogs" was to label them "ros bif" ** (roast beef) due to their alleged preference for that food. I don't know what that makes Americans... "Big Macs"...
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    WTB: 400mhz iMac

    Have you checked eBay? Last time I looked, there were a lot of iMacs up there, some at some good bidding prices too...
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    10.2 prices

    Cool. thanks for that! The only difference between rev A and rev B iMacs (both are Bondi) is bigger VRAM and hard disk capacity. The processor speed is the same.
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    10.2 prices

    Agreed. I've never actually bought an OS from Apple, so it'll be fun. Can't wait to try out X. I got OS 8.5 with my iMac, and I downloaded the updater for 8.6.1... so no dice there. And I think I ended up with a dodgy copy of System 7.1 for my Classic. :eek: It's about time. Besides...
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    To clear the record.

    sithious is right. Check out my posts. I got royally flamed for telling people to "get a life" and "it's only a discussion forum." But then I found out what was really going on. And so I had a change of heart. Despite .dev .lqd trying to give me a good kicking ;) Anyways, get yerself into...
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    10.2 prices

    I imagine it might be more given the new technologies debuting plus the QT6 thang... but then again, maybe Apple will absorb the cost in the interest of getting the OS out to more and more people? They have enough cash in the bank after all... Will be interesting to see. Either way I'm...
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    10.2 prices

    Thanks homer -- you've reassured me before on this point too! I have a rev B iMmac, which means I have 233 MHz too, plus 6MB VRAM, 256MB RAM and the bog-standard HDD... so I'll maybe look into upgrading that. I'm not scared of taking the lid off this sucker -- I did both RAM slots! <Exits...
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    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    I just did, and they were scrummy. Ireland won the football, England are playing tomorrow (I'm nervous), and the kids liked their bedtime story. So I'm happy... :)
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    Gateway Cow... male?

    I'm going with evildan's notion -- sound thinking there.