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    G5 dual 1.8 with incredibly loud fans!

    I thought so. I was hoping for a better way. Thanks though.
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    G5 dual 1.8 with incredibly loud fans!

    not to deviate too much but, is it possible to calibrate the fans yourself?
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    Timeout problem accesssing webpages

    There is a way but, I will have to get back to you on monday. If you cant't wait search for the error code on the Apple tech support.
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    Timeout problem accesssing webpages

    It sounds like it may be a hardware problem not a software. I tend to see this when there is extreme traffic on my network (about 50 comps and servers etc). Try reseting your modem and or router. That seems to be the way to go on this one.
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    Internet/Network keeps Disconnecting - Have to reboot!

    Is your internet a static IP or is it dynamic? I feel like it might have something to do with that. On another line of thought, do you lose network services like apple sharing or bonjour or just the internet?
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    Internet/Network keeps Disconnecting - Have to reboot!

    If you could tell us how you connect to the internet that would help a lot (dialup, broadband, broadband through a router etc...).
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    Swapped HD's now issues....??

    you may have to look it up on the web. Just go to google and type in the model number and thats usually the quickest way of finding out.
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    LCD issue

    Have you tried simply powering on and off the monitor itself? A bit crude of a solution but it would be easier than restarting the computer itself.
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    LCD constrast ratio question...

    Personally I would try to find another CRT. None of the LCDs that I've used have been very good with color profiles (especially in relationship to printing). Until I can either afford an Apple Display or LaCie LCD, I think I am going to wait for the technology to catch up.
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    Apple OS licensing

    That sounds kinda like the AOL cds that you find EVERYWHERE... Just a thought.
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    Possible OS X Trojan?

    sorry about that...
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    Strange black box around everything

    I guess the thing is that these are all Multimedia machines with tons of software... I had just missed restricting that one. Mostly because I thought that if you x out Sys Prefs that Voiceover stuff would follow (because its related). However you have to choose that one too.
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    Possible OS X Trojan?

    I heard on the radio today that someone found a serious flaw in Safari allowing someone to hack in and delete files on the computer... Anyone know what thats about? I had just woken up and only heard about half of the report...
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    Strange black box around everything

    The funny thing is: That they are. (or at least I thought so), When I tried to "get into" sys prefs through their accounts I couldn't so I must be missing something or other...
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    Strange black box around everything

    Ah thanks very much.
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    Strange black box around everything

    Ok, this one has me a little confused. One of my computers E mac G4 10.4.3 has this problem wherein any selected item has a black box around it. Moreover, sections of text will get this when the mouse is nearb too, even if the text is not selectable. Here is a screen shot to illustrate what I...
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    Finder CTRL + Click launches folder. HELP!

    At least for the opening of files you could press Apple+i <bring up the info window> then change the "open with" section to Photoshop then "change all"
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    Hard Drive space seems to be missing

    There are a lot of hidden files on any System Disk, especially with tiger. Unfortunately they are necessary so you will lose a lot of space.
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    Problems with creative suite 2 on 10.3.9

    Trash the preference folders or reinstall. Make sure if you reinstall you get rid of all the old files on the system first.