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    Switch hardrives in two iBooks? help please!

    Hi! My father has a iBook 500 and I have an older iBook 300 (BlueWhite). The thing is that I only have a 3 gig HD and with the devtools installed I don't have much space left for anything. My father has a 12 gig HD in his, and he needs about the 3 gig's I have (he does not need the dev tools...
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    Adding the iTunes look?

    But it's not possible under 10.1.5? I'm not ready to make the application 10.2 only. Thanks for helping me out!
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    Adding the iTunes look?

    Hi I wonder if it's possible to add the cool gray iSoftware look apple and some other computer companies have in their software. Is is leagal to use the look, and how do I implement it in the Interface Builder? Is there any good tutorial? Kind regards
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    My screen turned green

    As I wrote before my screen went totally blurry. But Now my screen has gone totally Green. Does anyone know how to fix this? What has happend? Have I destroyed my computer? Is it the motherboard, graphic card or my screen that causes the problem?
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    Imac 400 screen problem

    Hi... I left my computer to install Jaguar updates over the night (the updates from 10.2. to 10.2.2). When I came back this morning the screen was totally blurry and I could almost not see anything, the screen was totally blurry. The help was to darken the contrast to a point where...
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    iMovie export to webserver? Problem!

    Hi I've done a movie!! And now I want to export it and show it on the web. But when I export it all the text I have added gets blurry so you cant read what it says. I've tried with several different machines, OS 9 and OS X, but with no luck. I have choosen from small web movies to huge...
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    Darwin streaming server manual?? Working?

    Hi... I downloaded darwin streaming server and installed it trought it's installer manual. Ok, so now I got the streaming server going and I logged in to it's web user interface. I noticed that it places it's sample .mov files in /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Movies So I used my webbrowser...
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    Burning .dmg on Windows

    Since I hope that you get this message and know the answer... here it goes My problem was that I got .toast images that I wanted to burn on a PC. So what I did was the folllowing: I mounted the .toast images in Roxio Toast 5 I then took that new mounted image and dropped it onto disc...
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    Ibook 300 BW - cant update "Software Update"

    I Own a BW iBook 300, and I have installed several diffrent instalations of 10.1 but none of these solve the problem. The problem is that because I want atleast 10.1.5 I need to update software update software. But when I try to update it, my hardisk gets grayed out so I can't choose the...
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    Defragment disks?

    Hi.. On the PC you can use Defrag, is there somthing for the mac? Is there a unix command for the same? I know there is Norton speed disk, but is there anything out there for free? Otherwise I think OS X sux in disk management. THIS SHOULD BE A PART OF THE OS! Kind regards
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    Opentype on the mac?

    Hi Why does not apple support Opentype (or do they?). That would be really great! Why have two different typesets on the mac and windows? Kind regards Mika
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    Where is the webserver log?

    Hi... Does anyone know how to get the webserver.log in standard websharing on MacOS 10.1? I have to see what ip adresses have tried to access my computer. And well... is there a unix way of using a find command? like: find -something 'webserver.*' Kind regards Mika
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    Several FM databases one icon?

    I wonder if it is possible to put let's say 10 Filemaker databases into one folder and then make the folder with chmod to act as an application witch in turn opens a preconfigured database or all of the items inside of it? I hate having 10 databases in one folder, I would like to have one...
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    Please help w/ JavaScript..

    try out window.zeroone.location.href = thelink; window.Content.location.href = theotherlink; do not use a framename as 01, I don't think javascript supports that... but it could work... try it yourself. Otherwise take a look at this link, this writer has written a great tutorial...
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    Learning Cocoa: chapter 6 question

    Hi, I' just starting up with Cocoa for the first time. I bought "learing cocoa" just a week ago. It's super easy for you to get it working, but I'm a newbie... Well, I'm on chapter 6, and I cant get the example working. When I compile the project I do not get any error message, so it seems...
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    Samba on OSX Client?

    Hi. Could anyone help me with a guide on how to install SAMBA on OS X Client - and offcourse how to set up users and so on. I found a graphical installer for Samba, but I haven´t found any graphical enviroment to manage the server software. Could anyone tell me how to add users, groups...
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    Perl is gone?

    Hi, I tried to install SSL Leavy, the guide on told me to do it like this: But as you see the perl.h is gone, do I have to install perl again? Where do I get the new perl files and how do I install it? Kind regards Mika [localhost:/] ms% ./Makefile.PL -t...
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    OS X - the web server.

    I think it would acctually sway all those ./config people. Most of them who get into using SSL are people who just want things to get done. Nerds don´t use it - we use it for business. I understand what you are getting to thow, the OS X client is not ment as a web server, OS X server is...
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    cgi-bin for WebServer/

    Its really simple.. What you have to do is to go to /etc/httpd/ then type: sudo pico ./httpd.conf Then you have to take away the # characters on these: #AddType application/x-httpd-php .php #AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps so they look like this: AddType...
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    OS X - the web server.

    Hi, I have been using OS X for a while now, both as my main dev computer and as a web devellopment server. (Lasso 5) And I find out that many things are not how they should be. For example OpenSSL is not working, even if it is installed. PHP is installed, but you have to go to the...