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    Networked Office Software vs Local install

    Hi All, We have 1 Office license i'd like to share amoungst 5 10.4's and 10 users (shifts). All run network mounted home dirs from the server and are controlled by an xserve via workgroup. Is there a way to allow all users to share this app? Perhaps if I copy all the Library/Preferences...
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    Server 10.3.9 - Catch deleted files

    Hi All, Is there any way to catch all deleted files from a network share? (Appletalk, I think). People are deleting files before the backups are running! DOH! TIA, Will
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    OSX Server - Temp Files?

    Hi, I'm having trouble stopping and starting a Filemaker Server 5.5 running on OSX 10.3. Once the fmserver is shutdown I can not restart it, error sighting : There is another instance of the server running. If i restart the machine all is good again, so i'm guessing there is some kind of lock...