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    Adobe crack down

    First of all both of you morons should do research and stop guessing. FACT: Adobe New Installers contact adobes servers via UDP port, which can clearly be seen with any packetsniffer.
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    What are you all talking about? The same function as the apple menu is build right in use the "favorites" not only does it offer better features (it's under app menu) but it is just like apple menu (duh.)
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    at what is the little stock ticker that is running behind the menu? i want it.
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    Anybody found a use for label?

    Labels are one of the best least used features about Mac OS. I so wish my windows box at work had them, it instantly without having to change your icon lets you group files together, it was one of the best features ever develop for Mac OS in my opinion. Thank-you Apple, your rock our world.