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    Getting ready to clear the drive

    Sorry about filling up the newsgroup. I promise I'll shut up after this. :) Anyway: I am hoping to reformat my drive soon. This may be a useless question with the growth of support for OS X, but: If I format my drive as a single volume and install OS X onto it, then install OS 9 onto...
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    Command-Key Combination Setting

    In years past, I've been using ResEdit to go through my various applications (including the finder) and add command-key combinations to the menu (like command-option-t to empty the trash, before Apple wised up and put a combination in there for us). Well, now we're working with OS X, a whole...
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    How can I Create .IMG archived files

    Well, just in case it helps someone, I have had some luck with (shrinkwrap) .img files that boot in OS 9 but fail for a multitude of reasons in OS 10.1. 1. Mount the image in OS 9. 2. Open DiskCopy in OS 9 and create a new image from the mounted disk icon. 3. Save this image somewhere...