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  1. iYouth™

    Of appleping and John Scully

    i just gutted my Macintosh SE to make one of these: *GRIN* and to talk about bustin some screwed up sheit on your school i went to the wackest elementry school(echo horizon), and i got so pissed at the peecee they had in the...
  2. iYouth™

    Why you should be glad to have a mac.

    :eek: a few interesting lines of html and you've got a peecee's c:/ drive in the palm of your hand. Be glad you have a mac!:D
  3. iYouth™

    Motion Desktop Pictures

    I know, I called it ZDTV because it WAS ZDTV when that guru came on. I am aware that it is now TechTV I am NOT incompetent:rolleyes: lol, ne wayz adelphia changed it too goddam TNN a few months ago. Of all stations!!! peace
  4. iYouth™

    Bad Ass iBook

    I'm selling my Firewire iBook 366MHZ. It is in PERFECT shape, barely a scratch on it. It has: 128 MB Ram 10GB Hard Drive 366MHZ G3 Processor 12.1 Active Matrix Screen 800x600 I have taken great care of this iBook. Barely traveled. 6 months old. I will take care of shipping via...
  5. iYouth™

    Motion Desktop Pictures

    I remeber on ZDTV once they had a linux guru come in and type a few lines of code...resulting in a screen saver desktop. A few more lines of code, and the desktop was cut into quarters and four differnet screen savers were splasing color on their real estate.... Linux is phat!!!
  6. iYouth™

    Got new 61.5GB but showed 48.1 GB WHY?

    Editing eh? My dad is an avid editor... It might take 11GB to format, depending on the drive. You might want to call the company and ask. It would be kind of strange that it takes 11GB to format, but it's definitly possible and you can't count that factor out. peace
  7. iYouth™

    I smell a windows copy

    Kill the dock: Http:// For all you dock haters out there :} peace
  8. iYouth™

    Desktop Pictures

    I know perl...if desktop pictures are done with the "defaults write apple..." way, and can be done in the termminal, I could definitly write a script, it'd be ez... If someone can get me the exact command ("Defaults Write...") I'll hook it up:) peace
  9. iYouth™

    Small but useful tip.

    I know this is pretty obvious and most people have already tried it, but I thought I'd point it out.:rolleyes: If you open up System Preferences and go to the dock panel, you'll see a checkbox that says "Animate opening applications." Uncheck it. From now on, rather than that cheesy CPU...
  10. iYouth™

    Installed XFree86, now what?

    We changed hosts, and now most of the files are no longer exsistant. I was able to recover, but I can't say the same for the afterstep binaries, I have no clue why those aren't on the old host anymore. I'll try to find them asap! thanx for bringing it to my attention :)
  11. iYouth™

    Installed XFree86, now what? has a tutorial to install window maker. And we have a tutorial on installing afterstep and installing XonX... Enjoy :)
  12. iYouth™

    change the dock look!

    Http:// Maybe more clear for you...:) l8er
  13. iYouth™


    I think he might not know how to boot into 9.1. You boot into 9.1 by opening 'system preferences' and going to the startup disk icon. Wait for it to load then double click the 9.1 folder. Then, restart your computer. Back in 9.1! If you want to go back to X, go to control panels/startup...
  14. iYouth™

    Apple Retail Stores...

    I hope so...I don't think they will though. Just not apples style. But we'll see...
  15. iYouth™ finished!

    That is The MaN's job...It was just my idea, my money, and my web design and mantinence. He does most of the tricks and technical stuff. All the in depth tutorials are by him.
  16. iYouth™

    OS X ON PC what if...

    It will never be on peecee cause peecees suck. end of story.
  17. iYouth™

    Background in Terminal

    ok, so heres wat you do You set your terminal opacity to really really clear( Then, you open picture viewer and open the picture you want. You go back to the terminal, and size the terminal to the size of the picture. :) that would be the only way...
  18. iYouth™

    Why the heck is OS X Mute?

    nah dude there is no soundsets folder in X, just a sounds folder, and I'm not talking about alert sounds, I'm talking about the works, window scrolling, opening and closing folders, the whole deal man!
  19. iYouth™

    Finder WIndows Transparency

    As soon as I find out I'll have it up on