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    ADSL (uk) USB via MacOSX

    i dont have it personally ( i use cable) but here at work we have it and although im not running X on this, a client came in today and hotplugged his Tibook running 10.1.1 and it worked fine, running through ppp i believe, in system prefs>network and self configuring, i would reckon. so yes, it...
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    FTP Upload - Big Problem!

    my 192...ip is dynamic, my true ip is static, so everytime my 192... ip changes i have to change forwarding to my192... Ip, a pain in the ass. is there a way to ftp direct to a machine on a LAN without router forwarding?
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    SCREW Epson - Printing To Unsuported Printers!

    download the most similar driver to your printer, you might have to do some research. cntl click the package & show its contents. open everything in textedit, then do a find&replace to substitute your model, ie sp1290 for theirs- sp1280. open the further plugins,plists etc, and change. save...
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    SCREW Epson - Printing To Unsuported Printers!

    or you can hack the epson drivers, by putting your model no. instead of the other, i put 1290 instead of 1280 in ALL the files in the plugin package.