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  1. Macwind

    Old Ti PB and DVD drive question

    Can't find an article :(
  2. Macwind

    Old Ti PB and DVD drive question

    I have a simple question - can I install 8121 (Combo) or 821(Superdrive) DVD drives in old Ti PB 400Mg?
  3. Macwind

    Portable Cocoa applications

    That's what i'm talking about. And GNUMail is a good example of Cocoa/OpenStep cross platform defelopment.
  4. Macwind

    Portable Cocoa applications

    You r wrong about Cocoa on other platform :) Check this out -, and then this -
  5. Macwind

    Install Diablo 2 without OS9 ?

    I don't have OS9 installed, so how to install Diablo 2?
  6. Macwind


    Sure, but anyway you have to use some parameter, even if nil.
  7. Macwind

    Getting FTP list... how?

    Guys, i need to get ftp list. How can i do it? I need to find the way to get ftp list like we can get local files list using NSFileManager: NSEnumerator *node = [[[NSFileManager defaultManager] directoryContentsAtPath:somePath] objEnum];
  8. Macwind


    Dude, check startAnimation function syntax: - (void)startAnimation: (id)sender so you have to write: [throbber startAnimation:SENDER]; SENDER is some id...
  9. Macwind

    Apple Authorized Resellers

    Hmm... I live in Sunnyvale, CA... so... can I get my FREE copy in... Fry's Electronics? Or... where can I get my FREE copy? Thanks.