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  1. NY152

    Apple Store in Toronto

    Cap'n the drive from TO to Montreal is only about 600 kilometres. Even at a reasonable speed it only takes me 5 1/2 hours. But it has been done in 4 - 4 1/2 hours when in a rush. Also saying they won't put a store in Montreal because it's too close to Toronto is just not accurate. Montreal is...
  2. NY152

    Worth becoming a Tiger developer?

    Quick Question: I cannot find where Apple lists on the Canadian ADC Select membership site the discount level for the one hardware purchase that comes with the Tiger Development Kit. Any idea what the level of discount generally is with these memberships? Thanks
  3. NY152

    What about Tiger stability ?

    Mail in 294 does not remember the unread count in subfolders. I find that it shows up when initially downloading the emails but once you view the folder and switch to another the unread number disappears.
  4. NY152

    How many have switched back to 268 from 294?

    I have recently been using both builds 268 and 294 of Tiger and have noticed that to me 268 is more stable for the apps I use on a daily basis. Mail in 294 does not remember the number of unread messages in subfolders. Also Apple using graphite for the spotlight/apple menus in 294 also is a...
  5. NY152

    New Tiger screenshots

    Does Tiger look more "aqua green" to the rest of you? I am running a rev A 17" PowerBook and it really looks like it has a green tint to everything now. But in a good way if you can imagine that.
  6. NY152

    File Vault

    As a counter opinion I have noticed a 0 % performance hit on my Rev A PowerBook 17". My home folder is over 5 GB in size. Food for thought.
  7. NY152

    File Vault

    I've been using it on my PowerBook since the 10.3.1 update without a single problem. FileVault has asked to reclaim space on numerous occasions without a hitch. HTH
  8. NY152

    Proof that Journalling does not defrag

    Veljo, I was under the impression that Drive 10 did not work under Panther yet? I was waiting for an update. How did it work for you?
  9. NY152

    7B49 Seeded

    fryke, I presume in order to do this I have to do an "archive and update" install? Still have to burn all three (four xcode) if you want to do a clean install right? Thanks. NY152
  10. NY152

    Trash problems...

    Happens to me as well. Have you also noticed when you use expose to go to the desktop that the windows which sweep away to the corners no longer totally disappear. They're still bits of them showing at the edges of the screen. This is on a PowerBook 17"
  11. NY152

    AddressBook quits on launched in 7B21

    That might explain why my PowerBook does not like Address Book. I have my built in bluetooth turned off and still no go.
  12. NY152

    Lets Start a List of What Works/Doesn't work in WWDC Panther DP

    Don't get rid of that piece of Apple art. Why don't you upgrade the video card? my 2 cents.
  13. NY152

    AddressBook quits on launched in 7B21

    Yep, it crashes right after launch on my 17" PowerBook. Any ideas anyone?
  14. NY152

    help! my keyboard does not light up in the dark in for my PB 17"

    I have a 17 PowerBook and my keyboard lights up just as it did with Jaguar. I just checked the keyboard/mouse preference pane and the "illuminate keyboard in low light conditions" is indeed still there.
  15. NY152

    FS: 17" iMac 800,20GB iPod,Airport BaseStation,Grape iMac 400

    Hello johhnyV. Here is what I am asking for each of my items. - Grape iMac $600.00 USD - 17" iMac 800 $1,585.00 USD - Snow Airport Base Station $149.00 USD - 20GB iPod $400.00 USD once again buyer pays for shipping. Hope this helps. Tim
  16. NY152

    FS: 17" iMac 800,20GB iPod,Airport BaseStation,Grape iMac 400

    Sorry everyone about the double post but I felt the old subject heading no longer gave the proper picture. I am now looking to sell my Apple products individually or together. Here is a revised list of what is still available. For Sale: -17" Flat Panel iMac 800 MHz G4 SuperDrive 80GB...
  17. NY152

    FS/FT: 17" iMac & 500 MHz iBook & Grape iMac for 17" Powerbook.

    Good morning everyone. I have now opened my offer up to anyone who wishes to purchase any of my Macs separately. I have tentatively sold the iBook solo with it's airport card. But everything else is up for grabs. Here are the URL's to take a second look at all the items to jog your...
  18. NY152

    FS/FT: 17" iMac & 500 MHz iBook & Grape iMac for 17" Powerbook.

    Good morning everyone. I have upgraded my trade offer consisting of my 17" FP iMac, 500 MHz iBook and Grape 400 MHz iMac for your 17" PowerBook to now include a 20 GB iPod and a Snow Airport Base Station. Here once again is a URL to see the new additions to the family...
  19. NY152

    FS/FT: 17" iMac & 500 MHz iBook & Grape iMac for 17" Powerbook.

    Here is the website I have set up for all of you to view my 17"iMac, 500 MHz iBook and grape iMac. Enjoy yourself.
  20. NY152

    FS/FT: 17" iMac & 500 MHz iBook & Grape iMac for 17" Powerbook.

    For Sale/Trade: -17" Flat Panel iMac 800 MHz G4 Superdrive 80GB 768 RAM. Six months old. Remainder of Apple warranty transferable. The FP display has no dead pixels. Comes with all original packaging, software CD's as well as the box. -iBook 500 MHz DVD 10GB 384 RAM with Airport...