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    iBook (white) & RAM

    so that ram you got from crucial works well? have you had any problems at all?
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    iBook (white) & RAM

    Alright, I want to get a 512MB DIMM for my ibook. Do the (cheaper) DIMMs for an older PowerBook G3 work in an iBook 500/white? I'd much rather pay around $60 than $150....
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    RAM Disks under OSX?

    What you've both said about recompiling the kernel makes me wonder: Does Darwin support RAM disks itself? I can't exactly recompile my OSX kernel, now can I? heh.
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    RAM Disks under OSX?

    Ok, so we were able to make RAM disks in OS 9, we are able to make RAM disks in UNIX systems, but can we make RAM disks in MacOS X? Does anyone know how?
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    Swap Partition

    There are two reasons for adding a swap partition: 1) improving system performance - this is only going to improve performance if swap is on a separate drive, even better if the drive is on a separate controller 1) alleviating fragmentation - this doesnt improve...
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    Macwold NY annoucement.. What do you think.........

    I've talked with some friends who are employed with companies who have access to recent builds. From what they've told me, they say they've seen recent builds, allegedly from the 10.1 tree, and that all the speed improvements we've been looking for in the interface are available, and that our...
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    XFree 4.1

    I got the stock XFree86 4.1 Darwin binary distribution from, installed it, then got the XAqua package, installed that. I don't remember where I got the rootless XDarwin app from though. But I managed to get it installed and it works great. I'm amazed at how much better than...
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    Menu Blinking

    I wholeheartedly agree. From what I've read thus far, Applications in OS X manage their own menus. Which makes certain hacks, which were possible in classic, impossible in OS X, such as a utility to modify the command key options for menu items. Personally, I really think Apple should be giving...
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    Themes ...

    Fortunately, it IS possible to theme OS X. You have to edit the Extras.rsrc file found somewhere in the /System directory. (it's the only file on the system with that name, so running the unix command 'find /System -name Extras.rsrc -print' will find it). There was a piece of software called...