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    Strange...I can see the appletalk server at work in the network settings when I select appletalk. I can see the server when I need to print...I just can't see it when I try to connect to server. ANY Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Mounting AppleShare Volumes in OS X

    I have the same exact problem and it's killing me. I can see the server when I connect to appletalk in the network prefs. But nothing in connect to server. I hope they sort this out.
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    Sound In 9.1 boot

    I think I solved the sound problem. It happened again this time nothing worked. Finally after resetting the pram, rebuilding the desktop, clean install...went finally to a hard power reset. DID the TRICK! only thing I have to reset now is the time. I can live with that. I can't be certain that...
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    Sound In 9.1 boot

    I'm using 4k78 as well, and there are some strange things going on. I'm guessing as well that there is some debugging code in it. Classic isn't running all that well for me. In 9.1 though I don't have too many quicktime issues. Every now and then a hiccup but that's really it. And I can't...
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    Sound In 9.1 boot

    Help!! Whenever I use iTunes in X and then reboot into 9.1, My sound goes dead. I get a -201 error message when I try to play any system sound...Exasperating! as my solution thus far has been to clean install 9.1. Sound works fine in OSX Sound dead in classic Any Ideas?