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  1. JaapvanderVeen

    Macbook Air M1 OSX 11.7.2 keeps freezing and restarting with error message

    This is probably not a hardware issue, please follow these instructions:
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    cannot get past internet recovery

    Sorry to correct, but: Cmd-R lets you re-install the previously/currently installed MacOS on your Mac (not applicable in your case, since no bootable/recovery partition is available). Cmd-Opt-R lets you re-install the most latest compatible version of MacOS on your MacBook. Shift-Cmd-Opt-R...
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    cannot get past internet recovery

    The question mark only indicates that your MacBook does not have avalid boot/startup partition. On Intel-based Macs, power on your Mac (or restart if already on), and press and hold the Cmd + Option + R keys immediately on hearing the startup chime. This will boot your MacBook in Recoverymode...
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    App that can output all converted video files back to source folders?

  5. JaapvanderVeen

    iMessage and screen sharing is not working

    I would suggest to stop try using MacOS screen sharing options. Do you only need access to the old iMac to provide remote assistance? Try installing TeamViewer QS on the old iMac and install TeamViewer (free for non-commercial use) on your mac. This way you can provide remote assistance without...
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    Create bootable clone of Mojave startup disk to another internal drive

    Did you try this?:
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    Use imac as a windows monitor

    Hmm, I cannot test this but the second one seems to be exactly your question. Without a ThunderBolt port on your windows computer it doesn't work.
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    Use imac as a windows monitor
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    Want to get back to macOS

    I don’t if you solved it, but: AFAIK using Shift-Option-Command-R starts up from macOS Recovery over the internet. No Mac system/disk/partition needed! It should even work without SSD/HDD! This article may be interesting...
  10. JaapvanderVeen

    Mount or link external drive folder?

    Though I have not tested this myself, you could try to use hard links. Maybe using a hard link makes it possible to move an iCloud Document folder to an external (not startup) disk. The following link has a good explanation of the difference between symbolic links, aliases and hard links...
  11. JaapvanderVeen

    I need to remove a corrupted email account

    Can you explain a bit more in detail? Was your iPhone initially configured using MDM? If so, I think (I have not been using MDM for a while), the account needs to be removed using MDM. ‘When I hold the email address down, I do not get "delete account" as a choice.’ I don’t understand what you...
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    Want Move from Apple Mail to Outlook on my Mac-Book

    What do you mean: my client broke?
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    Want Move from Apple Mail to Outlook on my Mac-Book

    Is the mail account configured in Apple Mail using IMAP or POP? If IMAP: and you have a complte mailbox structure in 'On my Mac' you can rebuild the 'On my Mac' mailbox structure' and move/copy all messages/mailboxes to the IMAP server as all your messages and mailbox structure will be stored...
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    Looking for a true remote file system that is in the cloud

    Well,this might not be a conplete answer to your question, but you could take a look at Eltima’s CloudMounter. CloudMounter mounts remote storage locations as if it they are local devices!
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    IMac G3 Classic Software Issue

    Maybe: Or: I am not sure if the last one is legal Supported MacOS for IMac G3 Original OS Mac OS 9.1 (Mac OS ROM 7.5.1) and Mac OS X 10.0.4 (4P13) Later OS Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.1...