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    Video Editing

    I have seen a lot of DVI adapters on Ebay. Just search DVI or DVI to...what ever you want to convert to, and it will lead you to sellers who have them. Good Luck!
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    Macally External Enclosure Heat Question

    I experienced the same heat problem with my 5 Macallys stack together. I bought a mini fan from Walmart and had it on on the stack and it did cooled them down quite a bit. 17" 1.33 Powerbook 1G mem
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    I partitioned a hard drive in two for Final Cut Pro HD use and named them "Movie" and "Sound". It is on an 800 firewire Macally PHR100-ACB enclosure. Now only the "sound" partition is appearing on the desktop. I tried the 'disk utility' but it's not doing anything. I tried all of it's connector...