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    Transparent Terminals

    Sorry for being so stupid, but could you please give some more detail as to what I would actually enter into Terminal?
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    Transparent Terminals

    Can someone please tell me how to set the transparency in Terminal?
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    Office 2001 for OS X

    I'd like to say that some of Microsoft's products are actually good. I don't mean to offend any of you but perhaps many people are brainwashed to hate Microsoft also. I'm not loyal to Microsoft, but I do like some of their products. Office and Win2k I own, I own Office:mac as well. There other...
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    OS X 10.2 Codename Taja

    Apple has been working for over ten years on Mac OS X. It seems as if they've been rushing things and the fact that 10.2 is already under development baffles me. I think Apple is working a bit too fast, I understand they want to get ahead in competition, being just a month until XP comes out...
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    IE UI Improvement

    Okay, I know that complaints on interface matters probably aren't the most serious of matters, however, Aqua is one of the major reasons I believe most of us switched to OS X. Anyway, if any of you ever go into the Microsoft newsgroups, perhaps you've heard my complaints. Internet Expolorer has...
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    Preinstalled OS

    Is Mac OS X preinstalled or included withALL macs currently shipping?