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    RAID 1 for OSX needed

    I have 2 internal 60G disks and want to create a simple mirror between them however OSX's built-in RAID does not support using the boot disk as part of the mirror. I asked an Apple store guy and he said there are several UNIX apps out there and to just download one but I cannot find any...
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    terminal app for USB serial port

    Just wondering if you've had any luck. I am looking into buying an ibook and using it in part to hook up to headless Sun servers for servicing. I downloaded Zterm and rigged up a USB->25pin serial cable but have had no luck (using my desktop G4 and a plam usb cable). I don't want to dish out...
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    God!! This is a real iWalk (not a music player)

    Well the link has been taken down - usually a sign of a close design.:eek:
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    What do you do for a living?

    I am a systems support engineer for Sun Microsystems here on the east coast. Use Solaris all day and X by night. Still working out the differences in the UNIX context.
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    I purchased 2 60GB 7200RPM disks for my 533 G4 in order to set up an internal RAID 1. My intent was to divide my disk into 3 partitions (one for X, one for 9 and one for other stuff)and then have these 3 partitions mirrored on the 2nd disk. Come to find out the boot disk cannot be under RAID...