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    Make RSS Widget?

    here is the link (I just changed the prefix from feed to html, it that is what you mean) I believe that this site is even on the same server as, lol, but anyways, I am trying to make a widget that would either show exactly what "new...
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    Make RSS Widget?

    I tried putting the rss url into the samplerss widget, but I could not get it to work correctly. Sorry for posting in the wrong section, and thanks for trying to help me out!
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    Make RSS Widget?

    Ok, exactly what the title is. I would like to make an rss widget, and I am not sure exactly how to do it. I have visited apple's website and a bunch of other websites, but I am still unable to create a working rss widget. Any help would be great! I know that my question is not specific, but...
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    Post your desktop!

    heres my powerbook's desktop!
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    Ram Modules can be mixed?

    Ok, I searched on this, and could not find a definite answer. I have a powerbook g4 aluminum 15 inch (low res version). I purchased it with 1gb ram (2*512). If I purchased a 1gb module, is it possible to replace one of the 512 modules with the 1gb? Then have a total combined ram of 1gb+512? Thanks!
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    External hard drives - G-Tech

    Ok, so I recently purchased a G-Tech G-Drive. I have to say, great design, but this thing is unbearably loud! I opened it up to find out that the hard drive is mounted with aluminum brackets, no rubber cusioning anywhere! Does anyone know of a comparable hard drive that looks good, but is quiet...
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    Testing RAID Mirror

    I have 2 usb drives mirroring each other, how do I test that they are working properly? Also, I accidentally started without one drive powered on, now it is trying to rebuild the mirror, and it is taking forever, is this normal? On a separate question, I recently ran YASU (cleans up log...
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    ...thinking about switching to Apple

    First of all, it depends on you. Does your windows software have mac versions? If not, what are the equivalants, what is the cost involved in new software? If you dont absolutely need any windows programs, I would recommend the switch. I speak from experience. For 3 years I have been planning my...
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    Simple Graphics program?

    I hope this isnt a repeat post, I searched but did not come up with anything. I am creating widgets for myself that takes the rss feeds off of websites (such as this one). I have a background that I got with permission from someone else to modify for my own usage, right now it has a purple...
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    multiple screen saver folders?

    Thanks for the clarification guys! it really helped!
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    multiple screen saver folders?

    Why is there one in system-library, and one in library? I have some screen savers that i would like to install for all users. The weird thing is no matter where I put those screen savers, they show up on both accounts. Also, where are other folders such as Applications, utilities, widgets, and...