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    Office v. X crashing constantly

    I've been using Office v. X now for a couple of days. All in all, it's a pretty nice job. I don't understand why I had to pay around 300 Euro for the update from Office 2001 which is twice as much as it costs a user in the US, but hey, that's Microsoft. Let alone the fact that it's not much more...
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    smb and classic

    After having toyed around with smb and mounting windows shares, it seems to me that there are various problems with it. 1. You have to know machine names/ip numbers and share names. That's just not user-friendly. 2. You cannot mount more than one smb-share unless you want the system to...
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    Problems with Word 98 and Word 2001

    Now maybe it's just me, but I haven't been able to get Word 98 or 2001 to function properly under Classic, no matter what extensions I disabled or enabled. Word seems to work fine until I scroll in the page layout view. What happens then is that some of the text doesn't properly scroll and...
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    cannot connect to nt4.0 server

    Thanks for the insightful replies I have received so far. I have since come across a real solution for nt4.0. As pointed out before, the problem is that nt4.0 does not support afp over tcpip as required by macosx. As pointed out as well win2000 is capable of that. But so is MacServerIP which can...
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    cannot connect to nt4.0 server

    setup: powerbook pismo, 128MB, OS9.04, OS X PB I haven't been able to access servers in our local network no matter what I tried. I am connected to two Windows NT4.0 servers. One runs Lotus Notes and I have no problem logging in with Notes under Classic. Internet access over the network as...