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    10.2.4 and slow burning superdrive

    yeah, the firmware has been updated - that was supposed to be for an issue regarding burning high-speed media. i think i am going to have to downgrade, when i get a few spare hours to sit down and focus on it. bummer. at least i can still burn discs...
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    10.2.4 and slow burning superdrive

    i have a 15" 800 mhz flat panel imac with a superdrive, and ever since i upgraded to 10.2.4 i can only burn dvd-r media at 1x and cd-r media at 4x - before the upgrade i was burning at 2x and 8x, respectively. i haven't made a media switch, either - i'm using media off of the same exact...
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    Window Media Will Not Install

    i had the same problem. i was booting off of a ufs partition, and couldn't install wmp either - i got the same error. for unrelated reasons, i reformatted to hfs+ and reinstalled osx, and wmp installed without complaint. it's not just a microsoft thing; mozilla won't run off of a ufs...