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    Wo5 + Xml + Com

    Hmm. If the system uses COM to send XML, it cannot be that much of a legacy, is it? :) In any case, the perfect way to do this would be to use SOAP: 1. Write VB or C++ program/component to run on the legacy system to intercept the outgoing COM call that is sending the XML 2. Wrap the...
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    com in Mac-X????

    From what I know, Objective C has features which are very similar to COM. If you want DCOM-like features, I think Objective C has them, too, although I have not looked too much into it. On the other hand, new standards like SOAP are emerging which will provide DCOM-like solutions across...
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    Can I use C++ libraries with Objective C

    Unless the function calls for xalan have C bindings on them, the answer is no, I think. For example, if something like the following exists, then you can call some_xalan_function() from within Objective C. Otherwise, you will have to provide a C wrapper on top of xalan. /*...
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    Problem accessing Web Server

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    Cant get TCP IP to work

    If you have $ for all this equipment, I would suggest that you either fork over the $30 for the real public beta or wait for the commercial release....
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    ppp connect limitations

    By \\\\\\\"a command line host\\\\\\\", I take it you are referring to one that manually asks you for a login and password upon connection. If so, then the answer is yes, the little PPP Connect app is able to do so. There has been some discussion of this at I made a...
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    Experimental MySQL.pkg double-click installer

    I was able to compile PHP 4.0.4 rc6 from last night as a DSO, so that apache can load it without me having to re-compile apache myself. The only remaining issue, it would seem, is the pear/ directory naming issue, which can be circumvented by following the instructions at this...
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    Dev lists would be a great addition

    I was referring to message forums. That way the information is stored at a central place for everyone's benefit.
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    Dev lists would be a great addition

    Yes, adding discussion lists for developers would be a great addition to this site.