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    PHP:Does mysql_query("INSERT... return something useful?

    I writing some PHP doing stuff to a database, in which I have a table like this... CREATE TABLE MYTABLE ( something TINYTEXT, another VARCHAR(16), created TIMESTAMP DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, userID INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, PRIMARY KEY (userID), ); And I write some PHP...
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    MacBook microphone problems

    Well, I tried shopping for a new microphone today. I reside in Thailand mostly, so I tried one of those computer mega stores where everyone sells basically the same cheap junk - and the Apple reseller knows nothing about Macs. (Apparently Apple have no standards, and anyone can call themselves...
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    MacBook microphone problems

    I have an unibody aluminium MacBook. (The 13 inch model - before Apple changed the specs and re-released it as a "MacBook Pro"). I've been trying to narrate a voiceover in iMovie today, and the sound quality from the internal microphone is terrible! Muffled and ringing machine noise in the...
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    Macbook power supply under guarantee

    I've just replaced the power supply for my aluminium MacBook. I plugged in the old one today, it went pop, fizz, there was a slightly electrical smoky aroma - and the maglock didn't light up. Fortunately, no damage was done to the computer. While I didn't mind spending money to get an...
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    Searching/Spotlight file types.

    I have folders of Adobe ActionScript (.as) files, but I've noticed that spotlight/search ignore the contents of these files, even though they are text-based. How do I configure spotlight/search to examine the text within these files?
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    OpenGL (GLUT) C++ and Xcode

    Still not quite working, as I tried to warp this tutorial to work with C++, rather than C. I can use OpenGL within C++ programs? - Can't I? How?
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    OpenGL (GLUT) C++ and Xcode

    I want to get into using OpenGL libraries in C++. Can someone get me started? I found some tutorial at I've included the framework, and typed in the example. It compiles ok, but it doesn't run. I get this error-...
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    Recording sound files from the microphone?

    How do I record sound files in MacOS X ? (From the microphone to create aiff or wav files?) I can find any utilities to do this. Is there any free third-party utility I can download? The ability to edit the start and end of a file would be good too (to remove pauses). I did notice that...
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    restore old iTunes playlists from external drive.

    I have a new iBook. The disk drive from my old (deceased) iBook is sitting in an external enclosure, and I have been able to restore my data and applications from it. However, I want to restore get my iTunes playlists. I managed to copy over the music files - but how do I restore my playlists?
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    Familiar with Java, want to get into J2EE.

    I'm familiar with Java Programming (also C++ and other languages), but I want to get into J2EE to make my skills more marketable. I've had a play with the Macs Java environment. It looks cool. I've picked up some books on JavaBeans and Enterprise programming. So what do I need to play...
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    A JavaScript question and a PHP question.

    I thought of cookies, but hoped there was another way. "Throttle". Well, I could mean I want to grab it by the neck and shake it - which sounds like a good idea. Actually, I just want it to pause after every 100 mails are send. My web hosts prefer that I do this. I want to write...
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    A JavaScript question and a PHP question.

    JavaScript question. I have a web page incorporating JavaScript, but it doesn't work when the user reloads it using the browser back button. The problem is that any variables that I set up the first time it loaded are now lost. Is there any way to prevent this? - load them into an object...
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    I have a couple of Scanners. A Mustek 1200 UB Plus, and an HP ScanJet 4200c (which I bought today for $5). They are both USB scanners, but I've drawn a blank obtaining appropriate drivers off the Internet. Is there any way, and drivers, or third party (preferably free) software I can use to...
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    Closing safari windows

    Ok, I'm not allowed to close the main window. Well, I wasn't really. Well, I was opening a new window from within flash. But it all depended how I open that window: If I open the window using: getURL(url,windowname); - then the self.close() had no effect. If I open the window using...
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    Closing safari windows

    Ignore the underscores above in the word javascript. I don't think I typed them - I'm not sure why they were inserted?
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    Closing safari windows

    It's the small hours of the morning, and I'm confused, tired and losing hope. All evening/night I've been trying to accomplish a simple objective. To close a safari browser window. The situation is a little complicated. I have a php script, containing a .swf (flash movie). The flash does...
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    invalid key length, 4,8763

    A friend of mine is having problems with her iMac. I'm not very good at resolving Mac software problems, because my macs don't throw them up often enough. I'll be suggesting a backup while it still works, and then a low-level format/installation from scratch. Can anyone here suggest anything...
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    Taxing question/best kept secret?

    I posted this question on another forum - but it didn't raise any answers. is this the Internet's best kept secret? I've been developing some services which I intend to sell over the Internet. My latest information is that payment of sales TAX such as GST, VAT etc, will depend on where the...
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    What will Mac OS 11 look like???

    Ok I know what Interactive means - and I used to work quite a bit with Neural Networks (Multi Layer Perceptrons). How is this related to Operating Systems? Have I missed something?