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    sawfish isn't running

    Hello there, I have followed all instruction in the thread to install fink, and gnome X11 is installed as well and installed from fink bundle gnome, copy xinitrc in my home directory, add source /sw/bin/ in it at the beginning of the file and comment (#) exec quartx-wm, add exec...
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    where is cshrc

    ls .*. and it works. All right now i took it off, did a clean reinstall of everything, but now the problem is tat .cshrc is not there anymore. any clue will be appreciated Giro
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    where is cshrc

    Hello, I am trying to locate the .cshrc file, i am doing a search using the find tool but no success. I have read that this file is suppose to be create during installation of fink unless i have an existing tshrc file. I cannot find either. I understand have read several post on fink...
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    Getting rid of Quartz-wm when running KDE on 10.3

    Well this is great, but it does not give me a clue. wher is the release note you are talking about? and what is the right editing to the xinitrc then. also for a strange reason konqueror is crashing everytime i start it. Ps i tried to take out the & kde don't start Giro
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    X11 Window maker help

    Hello, I have installed 10.3 and choose to install x11 as well, i also have installed the developper SDK required and was able to install Gimp as well. now were I am puzzled is that when I launch X11 i got to small menu with preferences, etc but when I choose to toggle to full screen I just...
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    steve keynote?

    hello, where is steve's keynote? will apple make it available? Giro
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    FS: iBook + iPod Bundle!

    This offer is still on sale? Please email at thanks
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    urgent airport question...need help ASAP!

    Get ready for your worst nightmare come true. It is extremely difficult for am average users to get to print with a mix of mac and pc, this does not means it can't be done. you can also connect your printer on one of the pc or mac and share it through the network. if you connet to your pc you...
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    M$ has surrendered to the Blaster worm

    Well I guess we are better off us "Mac" to stay within the 5% of the market so virus programmers can still concentrate into the 95% PC users this is the best antivirus ever. So before you convince someone to switch think twice:-)) The downside is that sofware developper won't work too much on...
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    Network with PCs and printing

    hey i works now, I add printer then choose my printer network and click manually then use the laserjet series from hp with gimp and that's it, ouf ouf Thanks guys, Giro
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    PB12 vs PB15

    Hello Everyone, Since I generated this Thread and finally make a decision based on some on you guys advice, It's been now 10 days I got the PB 12 and I really loved it, I hooked up at my office a LCD View Sonic, a keyboard and a mouse and I am styling. Moving from myy pc laptop (company one)...
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    Network with PCs and printing

    so basically you are stocked like me i guess? Giro
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    Network with PCs and printing

    All right, so how you do that, I installed Gimp print and Ghost , try i don't know how many time. no success at all. I aheb a brother hl 1240, connect to a printer server recognized on the network as SC0B3F05 and using port P1 with a fixed IP:, so the path is...
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    Network with PCs and printing

    Hello, I have the same problem with a laser brother hl1240, and I am still looking for the driver, apprently this model does not offer a ppd driver, so i am looking now into Gimp, but in the meantime, if your office can afford it get Dave 4.1, they have a full 30 days evaluation and after...
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    PB12 vs PB15

    Hello everyone First of all thanks ain for our input and help. I got the baby 12, amazing did not sleep all night everything is in place and ready but my email. i still have to find out the propoer wys to import for outlook express on pc to entourage mac. I know i saw something in a forum...
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    PB12 vs PB15

    Thanks Banjo, I have been around, as a matter of fact, I forgot I register in 2000, so I went back to my original user name, that explain this... I guess Do you know where I could get a mini-dock for the pb12 giro
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    PB12 vs PB15

    Thank you very much for all your input, as I thought the PB12 might be the one. I will keep you posted after I got it Giro
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    PB12 vs PB15

    Hello Everyone, I know this is a hot topic right now in a lot of forums and 'I have spend the last 2 weeks browsing and reading rumors, articles, etc. But now as time goes I need to make a decision and it came down to this: PB12: new generation of PB's (AE,Bluetooh,etc) but small screen...
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    French Government Bans Term 'E-Mail'

    I am French but live in the US for quite a while now. But I could say that the French gouvernment attitude is so lame I am almost embarrassed by this. If it was for the French gouvernement communications would still be done by telegrams so how come they have a said in this and now what's next...
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    Screen resolution

    Dear friends, I own a PB G3 2000 series and i perform an installation of MacOSX Beta. Now after browsing around and tried to get familiar to that new environment I am trying to tune up my mac. My screen looks like blur I went to monitor settings and the only thing I can change is the...