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    How to sort it right with du -h | sort ????

    Thx for replying. Kinda figured that. The problem is that i have to "humanize" the output so anyone can understand the numbers...
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    How to sort it right with du -h | sort ????

    Hi all. i wanna sort a directory after Gb/Mb/kb. When doing a du -d1 -h it show upp by Gb and Mbs. Then i wanna sort it by size, Gb then Mb. I cant make sort to sort it right, anyone knows how? My line right now is: du -d1 -h | sort -n But it sorts by number and not size. Maybe i...
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    Install Apache webserv - howto?

    How do i install it? It says i need i compiler so i need a compiler to. This is my first time installing anything on unix so be nice please?