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    Firewire Crashes After System Sleep

    nah - didn't work - reset the nvram etc all ok - so put comp to sleep - woke up tried to open a file off the big disk - pizza wheel of death - tried "Cunning Fox" (Great shareware and well worth the $15 sub) only processes visible were finder, printer quickkeys and preview (file i was attempting...
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    Firewire Crashes After System Sleep

    Will do - I reset the pram but that didnt do anything but bugrup my screen resolutions! is a rainy day today here in the alps so i dont have anything else to do but sit and mess with the computer! here goes.....
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    Firewire Crashes After System Sleep

    HI - I just forked out a couple of hundred clams for a 500g firewire drive from MacWay which appears in "about this mac" as follows: FireWire Bus: Maximum Speed: Up to 800 Mb/sec SilverMAX: Manufacturer: Macway Model: 0x2835 GUID: 0x63A060007FF07 Maximum Speed: Up to 800...
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    Firewire Port Messed Up After Firmware Update

    I am hving similar (not the same) problems with external firewire disk - I have tried the workaround which says - 1) power down computer and external disk 2) unplug EVERYTHING including mains plug 3)leave for 30 mins then plug in mains, startup comp then plug in peripherals then plug in...