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    G4 Crash

    I was doing a repair disk permissions last night on my home computer because it just froze up and I had to restart. This happened twice. The repair found no errors and was OK. Then I did a Verify Disk and it gave me this error (I've attached a photo also): Invalid volume count Invalid...
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    Switching Wireless Networks problem

    I have a wireless router/modem I use to connect to the internet via airport card which works great. I just got a Airport Express to connect to my printer to print wirelessly which I connected to and works great. I have to switch networks to use each one - which isn't a big deal. The problem...
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    ibook G4 freezes up, restarts to blue

    Tried resetting the power manager a while ago. Sorry boys but I got fed up and sold my laptop on ebay for $110. Good luck
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    ibook G4 freezes up, restarts to blue

    Anyone have any luck? I;ve ried everything - I tried a different mac tech, here is the response- Hi, I have a ibook G4 Laptop which is having problems starting up. When I restart I get the apple logo and the spinning wheel, after that it goes to a blue screen and just sits there. I have...
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    ibook G4 freezes up, restarts to blue

    I was working on my iBook G4 and it froze up on me. When I restart, it goes to the apple and spinning wheel then goes to a blue screen and sits there. If I restart it does the same thing. The only thing I have done for it to go to the login screen and not the blue screen is let it sit of a...
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    AIrport Extreme Card not working

    HI I recently took a Airport Extreme card out of an older ibook G4, and put it into my G5 tower. I set up the network and the airport card was found and my preferred network. I was even connected to the internet last night (the night I set up the card) working fine. Today I tried connecting...
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    Router very weak signal

    Hi, as of late my router hasn't been up to snuff. I have a G5 going to the router, and also a wireless iBook and my iphone. THe G5 runs fine, but it seems like even if I am sitting next to the router it gives a weak signal. ANy ideas? reset it? Thanks dudes
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    Printer missing Queue- won't print

    Hey I just got an old Mac G4 and hooked it up to a printer. It wont print anything. I talked to the the support guy and finally we came to the conclusion that it doesn't have a print queue for it to go to to print. How do I create or get one?
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    I just finished making a small movie in imovie, then tried burning the movie in idvd, and it asks me to insert a recordable dvd-r, which i do, but for some reason it doesnt recognize the dvd, and spits it back out, and keeps asking me to insert a recrodable dvd. I know this is the right kind of...