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    Powermac advice

    I have a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.3ghz, Its plenty fast for alot of applications, great for a beginner to macs and/or a first computer. Its only supported upto OSX Leopard 10.5.X but you can still upgrade the HDD/RAM cheap. I picked mine up for only $340 with a 20" cinema display, added another...
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    Where can I buy mac games to download?

    Blizzard and EA sports also let you purchase the game over the net and download it digitally. After it downloads, you can copy the .dmg file to a DVD and keep it for later, instead of re-downloading it (or the client in blizzards case)
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    My workspaces....

    NICE XSERVE, what are the specs on that bad boy?
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    Mirror G4

    They did revise the mac mini this past quarter, maybe keep the G4 as a media server and get the mini and put it on top of the G4.... that be cool, with a switchbox to keep 1 monitor keyboard and mouse on 2 macs.
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    good looking setup
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    Airport Card & Powermac G4 computer

    thats a great site and so is i just bought my carrier card from them and a plastic rivet kit (to hold the card in) from them. Quick shipping as well. And i got my Airport card for $6.99 shipped (used) off ebay. Alot cheaper then buying the kit brand new or through...
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    Mac compatibility and sony camera

    i have an old Sony Cybershot 3.2 mp camera and a new Sony HD Webbie..... i had to reset the camera settings from the camera menu, and it worked, no issues. I also purchased an external 6 in 1 memory card reader, so that takes even more of the pain away from hooking the camera directly to the...
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    World of Warcraft graphics issue

    After the latest update that was pushed out a few days ago, i ended up turning down the graphics levels and it does not look as well as it used to on full screen, but screen play is much smoother.
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    World of Warcraft graphics issue

    I used to play WOW, i had first started on my old Mac Mini G4 1.42ghz with only 512mb ram, never any issues there. and on my current 1.83ghz Macbook1 with 2gb ram, and a 9400m graphics card, never any issues. I never got into any big intense fights but the only thing that lagged was my old...
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    Magic Mouse

    i got one and i love it! It is alot better then my Logitech Laser mouse (USB wired) and the on off switch is stiff enough and slimline that in your bag or case it will not switch on as easily as the older mice did. Comfortable mouse, if you want to try it out for yourself, check it out in...
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    nice looking monitor
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    cannot conect to wireless modem anymore

    try removing all saved access points in Airport settings, also its good to clear out your Keychain from time to time. (defeats the purpose of Keychain, but it does work/help)
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    Upgrading my 1gb Macbook's memory.. I have some questions.

    you can always goto and input make/model and they will give you suggestions. but theoretically any DDR2 667mhz laptop memory will work, i got 2 generic 1GB chips, not even matching models, and i have had ZERO issues.
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    Just switched to Mac after 20 years of Windows HELL!

    Congrats for one!, Great choice on a MAc too...well you cant go wrong with any of it either. Great investment, gaurantee it wont be outdated for atleast 3-5 years.... People still upgrading from the old G3 PowerPc Processors and still running strong. If you need anything at all...everyone...
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    How Old are You?

    21M born and raised in North East U.S
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    MacBook: Where's the Word Processor?

    iWORK doenst come on the new macbooks, i figured this out when i got mine. but thats no biggie, Search the net for a good deal on OFFICE and/or goto the store to pick it up. I got 2004 Office for Mac for next to nothing from an online store. Or just take an older install disc and take the...
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    xbox to Mac via Airport

    You can buy a Linksys Wireless adapter for the Xbox (works with all systems ps2, xbox etc) and get a wireless router for $30 avg anywhere. That will be the best option. or just buy a really long Ethernet cable and run it across the room from the modem to the xbox just when you use it. i just...
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    Mac Mini loses connection

    Mine never looses connectivity. i have a DLINK G band router, Vonage, XBOX360, PS3, A Mini, Macbook, and a dell laptop and Tivo all hooked up with max bandwidth usage. still no problems...yet. Netgear is where your going wrong. They WILL work with Macs, but there is no support for them. DLINK...
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    How to revert to single partition

    Call Apple Care Support. They will walk you through it too. Id see what they can help you out with before you go deleting partitions. But If BOOTCAMP messed up then you may have one partition thats on there by accident. Do you have a BOOTCAMP icon in the System Prefs-Utilities folder? You may...
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    I made the switch, and don't think I will ever go back.

    AWSOME! Welcome to the Forums! Macs are awsome. You made the right choice. Hope your loving you mac! I infected my Macbook with winxp just for those few programs i have and my external DVD burner. but other then that i never use windows. :-p