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    iMac G5 as a monitor

    (I posted this in the wrong forum. You could tell me to move it instead of telling someone to delete it. if this is in the wrong forum again tell me. thanks.) Hello. :) Ok, in about 3 years I'll be getting a computer, and I'm really excited because I'm getting it so soon!! Ok, so here's the...
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    Turn off iMac monitor

    ok, before you go to sleep, go to system prefs. and then energy options drag the lower slider to 1 minute, and in 1 minute your display will turn off. That's what I do with my iMac (and that's in my room) and it works like a charm (like it wouldn't?). That should work, unless it's only an iMac...
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    How does one open .wps files on mac OSX

    ooh, I had this problem before. All the schools at my schoolboard use The Corel App. Suite, which is a really dumb idea because noone uses it... they should really use open office. ANYWAYS. The only solution I can suggest is open the file in text edit (without rich text enabled) and extract all...
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    Front Row on older Macs

    Yeap, it works glorious on my iMac G5. I don't really NEED a remote because I have a bluetooth keyboard anyways... only bad thing about front row is that it doesn't support real video, which I have a ton of on my computer because it's so small. :/
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    Adding Emoticons to MSN Messenger for mac osX

    Flat out, no. Microsoft rips off the mac users because we don't use their OS. All you can do is view other people's custom emoticons. :(
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    Using iMac G5 as a monitor for my Xbox 360?

    You can try Elagto's EyeTV Although I looked at it, I don't think anyofthem have component cables. :( I think they're the only tuners compatible with mac. I'm not 100%. I know there's a lot of TV tuners on, but who knows if they're macpatible.
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    Hover Button On Web Site

    k I'm here to help you again. In the head part of your page put this: <style type="text/css"> .hover:link{background-image:url([imageone]);width:IMAGE WIDTH HEREpx;height:IMAGE HEIGHT HEREpx;} .hover:visited{background-image:url([imageone]);width:IMAGE WIDTH HEREpx;height:IMAGE HEIGHT HEREpx;}...
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    HTML Help

    Oh I just put the justify there so the text goes right to the edge of.. the column whatever. You can take that out if ya don't like it. on the second td, for the text you can set a width in the style area (I recommend using that instead of width=blah because W3 doesn't approve of it. whatever)...
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    HTML Help

    Ok lesseee, so you want the icons and the text to be like, perfectly aligned? If so this is what I say: <table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=0> <tr> <td> <img src="image here" alt=""> </td> <td style="text-align:justify"> text text text : ) </td> </tr> </table> <br> That would be for one...
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    Startup Items

    I believe that the cure is dragging the application onto the dock (original or alias) and then click and hold the icon until a small menu pops up. It usually says something like : Remove from Dock Open at Login Show in Finder so just click open at login. If this doesn't work then... uh, ask a...