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    Remote Desktop fails with Router

    Using Apple Remote Desktop 3.2 and a Speedtouch 330 USB broadband modem I used to be able to connect to my parents' machine and fix problems via the Internet. Since upgrading to a Speedtouch ST585 ROUTER, I can only share the other machines desktop; I can no longer perform reports, transfer...
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    .VRO file copy problem

    And I thought I was the only one! I don't yet know the answer to this one but can confirm that I have the same problem with different DVD Recorder (Panasonic DMREZ25) using a DVD-RAM and then trying to copy the .VRO files onto our iMac G5 using the built-in drive. I also tried logging in...
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    iTunes Won't let me drag titles

    We had the same problem (not being able to drag the songs into a new order) but found this worked as it then enabled us to change the order!
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    Advanced Search in Mail

    You might be able to achieve this using a Smart Mailbox (Mailbox->New Smart Mailbox) in Mail - you can then specify a number of search requirements.
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    iMac G3 won't boot to OS

    It sounds as if your system can't find it's own start-up drive. Try booting from a system CD (holding down the "C" key on startup to force it to boot from that CD), then try to use the system utilities to select the orginal hard drive as the startup drive. Then re-boot.
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    iTunes Won't let me drag titles

    If you can't drag a song, click the column heading with the numbers to sort the playlist by play order. You can't reorder songs if they're sorted by one of the other headings, or if shuffle is turned on. (To turn shuffle off, click the Shuffle button at the bottom of the iTunes window.)
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    Start up problems

    As I recall, a folder icon with interchanging face/question market sitting in the middle of the screen indicates a problem with your startup drive. As it starts up occasionally, it could be a loose connection to the drive. (Can you open the machine and check?) Can you boot from the system CD...
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    Mail Failing to Display Remote Images

    Aha! We've just solved our own problem - thought the rest of you guys may want to know the answer. We were testing the 'Little Snitch' Utility which monitors (& refuses, if necessary) connections to the Internet from various applications. We had unwittingly disallowed Mail to access http...
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    Mail Failing to Display Remote Images

    Hi. We're using Mac OS X 10.4.2 and Mail 2.0.3. Remote images are not displaying in received eMails. We need them to appear as some are links to web sites and we don't know which "?" to click on! We HAVE ticked / checked the box called: "Display Remote Images in HTML messages" but note...
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    Outgoing Faxes Placed On Hold As Called Number Answers

    Hi. Most times when we try to send a fax via Mac OS X 10.4's built-in fax software, the system rings the number and then just puts the fax on hold a few seconds later. When it re-tries 5 minutes later, the same thing happens. It's as if it's not waiting long enough for the fax machine at the...