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    Stalling moving files to Windows Server

    Hello... I had a quick question and wonder if you had any ideas. In my department we are running a Mac G4 and G5 with Tiger OS 10.4.11 (Both PowerPC). We connect to a Windows Server running Windows Server 2003 Business Edition via ethernet with a D Link Switch (All Macs and PCs are connected...
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    iDVD help

    I recently purchased some LOST episodes from iTunes to watch on my G3 iBook but when I play them they run really bad. (Lagging video mostly) So I assume its my iBook (I've had it for awhile). So I burned the episodes to CD (I have a CDR/DVD Player on my iBook) and figured I would bring it to...
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    Whats the best way to create a podcast?

    cool thanks for the info
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    Whats the best way to create a podcast?

    Is there a book or website I can use as a guide to create a Podcast on Mac from start to finish and anyone have any opinions on software and hardware used to create a Podcast. Any comments, concerns, suggestions or like such is greatly appreciated. Thank You.