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  1. Natobasso

    Adobe Illustrator Saves Duplicate Files

    Are you saving files to your local hard drive or a connected server? Illustrator sometimes doesn't play well with servers, depending on how they are configured; and make sure your file names aren't too long.
  2. Natobasso

    InDesign CS4 Recent Places No longer working

    Some silly questions first: - Are your ID files and placed images all on an external server or on your computer? - Do the files come back when you reconnect them? - Have you repaired permissions yet? This fixes lots of problems...
  3. Natobasso

    Need Software for Photo to Caricature Design

    Photoshop is probably you're best bet here, and lots of tutorials online if you look hard enough; is a good bet for tutorials.
  4. Natobasso

    Recording Music

    Not sure of the "easy" way, but you could import the cd to itunes (make sure it's mp3 format or you get AAC which is a DRM format; no editing I think) and then pull those mp3 tracks out and edit in Audacity (free app online). Requires some labor, but should get you there.
  5. Natobasso

    Mount as Drive Issue: Amazon S3 + Transmit 4

    I've tried: 1. Transmit 2. ExpandDrive 3. SME I like transmit the best because of it's Mount as Disk option is so much better than SME (SME's drive icon is naff and the connection is clunky). Use the latest version of Transmit or the Mount as Disk won't work. They had a release that broke...
  6. Natobasso

    sync iPhone and MacBook

    iPhone and iPod devices depend on data being on the computer to sync with. Unless you have a Mac Me account that stores your data remotely that you can grab your computer will wipe your phone's data, though you can restore locally as the computer saves your phone data upon sync. Make sure to...
  7. Natobasso

    Macbook slow after Time Machine restore

    Go to Activity Monitor with some apps running and post a link to a screenshot so we can see what RAM is being used.
  8. Natobasso

    Subversion when using only one system

    You should have at least three different versions of your project: 1. User's local copy checked out with subversion from the test server 2. Test server on the web using xpdev, Springloops or other system 3. Live server where test server changes are rolled out to, also managed by Subversion...
  9. Natobasso

    Renamed Folder on Desktop and it Disappeared

    First, have you repaired permissions yet? Do that first before you do anything else. Get the app called TinkerTool and activate Finder Quit option. Quit Finder and start it again, no reboot, and any files should reappear, including your renamed folder. You can also turn on "hidden files" to...
  10. Natobasso

    Photoshop CS3 problems again...

    Find the .pref and .plist files for the CS apps in question and move them to the trash. Then restart the apps, this will force them to recreate those pref and plist files. They should then work fine.
  11. Natobasso

    KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x000000000000000

    Have you repaired permissions yet? Do it now then restart your computer. Should fix it. If not, we can discuss more drastic action. :)
  12. Natobasso

    Photoshop CS3 problems again...

    I found this little nugget: But I suggest you just repair permissions first and see if this fixes your problem.
  13. Natobasso

    two independent screens

    You have Mirroring on in your monitor preferences. Turn this off and you will get your separate screens back.
  14. Natobasso

    Changing Default Connection Location

    Search for the device in the PC side and then connect from there. Should connect automatically from then on.
  15. Natobasso

    Odd Font in Outlook 2011

    Also make sure all Outlook standard fonts are where they should be on your mac.
  16. Natobasso

    fonts overlap

    Do you have a minimum font size set in your browser? This can cause some websites to render incorrectly due to inflexible font size.
  17. Natobasso

    My webpage displaying abnormally in Firefox & IE

    Try this to test in IE from any browser:
  18. Natobasso

    Adobe CS Review

    Charging for service, something that really should be free, is not a feature or a benefit. Sorry.
  19. Natobasso

    Mount as Drive Issue: Amazon S3 + Transmit 4

    Two great options, I'm downloading and testing them both. Panic, any comment? :)