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    Connecting a PC to airport network printer

    Hi, I have a printer connected by USB-cable to my Aiport Extreme Router. My Mac (running OS 10.3) has no trouble connecting to the printer. I can't figure out how to connect my PC to the printer however. Where can I see the airport router or the airport network on my PC? I can access the router...
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    Apple Airport Extreme Port Mapping

    Yes, I know a lot of people have the same problem. But does anyone know if there is any solution to this problem?
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    Apple Airport Extreme Port Mapping

    I have an Apple Airport Extreme Wireless router, upgraded with firmware vers. 5.5.1. The problem is that I can't map more than 20 ports! Does anyone know a way to map more than 20 ports, or is the router simply not designed for that? Another problem is that you have to map each port...