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  1. McDuff

    Leopard and FileMaker

    Carl, in the Filemaker support office in the UK came up trumps for me: I now have 2 activations of FMPro v9. But if anyone is considering upgrading to Leopard they can save themselves some hassle by deactivating FMPro v9 first. McD
  2. McDuff

    Leopard and FileMaker

    Hmmm! I did upgrade to FMPro v9 and then upgraded to Leopard. I then found that my activations had gone -- I had to reactivate each installation of FMPro, one on my iMac, one on my MacBook. I telephone Filemaker in the UK and was given an (one) extra activation, "because you should have...
  3. McDuff

    The new keyboards!

    I have a lovely wireless one. I don't really miss the number keys as I use it with my MacBook when I'm away from home. At home I use a white wired one ...
  4. McDuff

    Leopard and FileMaker

    It is a bit odd, as well as very disappointing. Considering FileMaker is an Apple company, to find that their currrent application is incompatible is pretty poor, but I have not had v8.5 for long enough really to consider upgrading. And I don't have a business built around it ... McD
  5. McDuff

    How to Print Multiple Photos on Single Sheet

    Sparrowhawk, select your photo in iPhoto, adjust the Page Setup under File, then Print. In the resulting dialogue box you will see a drop-down menu which will allow you to print various formats, including a Contact Sheet. Thanks for asking the question as I have just painstakingly used...