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  1. Atomic.Fusion

    Cleverfiles. Huh? How do I get things out of there. And why are they there?

    I don’t personally see these files as movie or video files. Just because somewhere in the middle there is a .mov, doesn’t tell me it is a media file. Rather they look like files created by iMovie for databasing/cataloguing purposes. The file to be concerned with, for instance, would be...
  2. Atomic.Fusion

    Official: Mojave Thread

    Did you ever figure out what had happened? The thought came to me that you accidentally hid it or dragged it to an obscure location.
  3. Atomic.Fusion On The Verge Of Releasing Snapz Pro 2.6

    Here's a post from the staff at containing a link to the beta. Notice in the thread, under the link, that the post contains the password to the zip file download. You'll have to use that password to unlock the download. You'll have to scroll down the thread about 8 or so posts...
  4. Atomic.Fusion On The Verge Of Releasing Snapz Pro 2.6

    Ian, I am not authorized to give the file to anybody. If they won't send you the file, there must be a reason. When I emailed them, I requested the beta, gave them my email address and user name. I received the link the next day. Sorry that isn't happening for you.
  5. Atomic.Fusion

    Getting Rid Of Disk Not Ejected Properly Message

    "One thing I noticed is that the messages appear anytime I wake the computer up from sleep." == Which would tell me that the system is not giving the drives enough time to before it starts sleeping, and thus is telling you that the drives were not ejected properly. Since you've verified that...
  6. Atomic.Fusion

    Getting Rid Of Disk Not Ejected Properly Message

    I've read through the thread but don't remember or didn't see where and when the message is showing. Does the message appear when the computer starts restarting (as in exiting OS X)? When you are using Finder and eject the disks, then pull out the SATA cord(s) immediately after the disk icons...
  7. Atomic.Fusion

    Snow Leopard Won't Show Yosemite Hd
  8. Atomic.Fusion

    Moving Iweb Files To A Server

    I have always used publish to folder, then used an trusty FTP application (FireFTP with Firefox) to transfer the files to the server. Never a problem that way.
  9. Atomic.Fusion

    Yosemite Modifier Keys

    I use Karabiner for remapping keys in Yosemite. I have not had any issues like the one you mention.
  10. Atomic.Fusion

    MS Office 2011 for Mac not working.

    Try creating a new profile temporarily, and running Office there. Does the problem persist? If not, perhaps you can migrate to a new profile, carefully bringing over only document files rather than the whole profile that may contain corrupted setting files...
  11. Atomic.Fusion

    Preview opening PDF files

    Additionally, there is a "Default Apps" preferences pane that can be installed to customize file associations. If it is not on your system already it can be downloaded from (my preferred download site). I am still an avid user of Quicktime Pro, so I use Default Apps to reassign...
  12. Atomic.Fusion

    Remove "disk Not Ejected Properly" Alert In Yosemite

    KGBguy, do you understand that pulling the drive out of the system before telling the computer that you are going to, causes the computer to execute its programming to inform the user that he ejected the disk improperly? If so, then your request was not fully disclosed as a request to change...
  13. Atomic.Fusion

    Cannot Connect Mac To The Internet

    Have you set up your router with any MAC address filters? I have this onmy router to prevent devices from being able to connect to my router. Additionally, I have limited the number of connections that my router will allow. Perhaps you have done the same on your router, and the device you are...
  14. Atomic.Fusion

    Remove "disk Not Ejected Properly" Alert In Yosemite

    kgbguy wrote: "I have this standardized alert in Max OS X after pulling my flash drive. Does anyone know how to disable this Mac OS X alert from appearing?" == Do not pull your flash drive out of the USB port until AFTER you right click on the drive in Finder and select EJECT from the menu...
  15. Atomic.Fusion On The Verge Of Releasing Snapz Pro 2.6

    In their support forums, they have closed threads regarding the audio problem between Snapz Pro and Yosemite, offering beta version 2.6b to those who will email support and request it. I received my beta today and it is working with audio and video capture. There are a couple bugs they still...
  16. Atomic.Fusion

    Teenager knows how to use the CLI to change password, and access my system

    All this password garbage at the OS X level is pure hot air. Without FileVault enabled, anybody can apparently access your system anyway. What a joke.
  17. Atomic.Fusion

    Teenager knows how to use the CLI to change password, and access my system

    Satcomer, It looks like you may be offering just the info I need. The problem is that my boy has watched some youtube videos and now thinks he is above the law with his new discovered talent at using the CLI (command line interface) to discover and reset user passwords. I want to keep him...
  18. Atomic.Fusion

    Teenager knows how to use the CLI to change password, and access my system

    How can I lock my computer to unauthorized access? What good are passwords at OS X login if they can be circumvented with the CLI??? I'm a little ticked off right now. I've read somebody post something about Hardware password. Can anybody point me to where I can learn how to secure my system...
  19. Atomic.Fusion

    Trying to set up a Windows XP wireless print server to host Macs - Absolute NIGHTMARE

    One time I had it going. I don't know what I did that was any different. But now, forget about it. It simply is not going to happen. I purchased a used LaserJet. I want to set up my Windows laptop (old) as a wireless print server. It just won't do it. If I hook up a Mac to be the wireless...
  20. Atomic.Fusion

    *sigh* Now what...? Changing alias file icons with "Get Info" in Mavericks

    I'm pretty sure this is a BUG, now. If you attempt to make a custom icon of an alias, using the Get Info method, although the Mavericks Finder doesn't reflect the change in the Finder, it apparently is happening. I wonder if there is some type of cache happening in Finder that is tied to the...