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    iMac remote control, iTunes, sound

    Hi. I have an iMac at home. I have two airport express devices with hifi systems connected. I use iTunes to play music, podcasts,radio, .. on the different hifi systems dependent on where I am in the appartment. When using the remote control on the iMac it seems to me that it isn't...
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    Java -version Fails With Illegal Instruction

    On a iMac with fully updated Mac OS X 10.4.3, java fails. java -version in a terminal window gives "illegal instruction". Any clues?
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    Java 1.5

    I've installed the latest Java version on my 10.4.2 (Tiger) IMac, but it doesn't work on this system. The doc states that I need to run the Java program to set the default Java environment. However this application does not start. It just hangs and I need to shut it down...