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    Network Attached Storage (NAS) freezes

    when i log into my NAS web interface, it says that the file system is EXT3 and it is set up as a RAID 1. I get the sense that the freezing comes when there is a mis-communication when it is trying to make the backup copy across to the other drive. But it is very fristrating because I can see...
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    Network Attached Storage (NAS) freezes

    Should this thread be in network instead of peripherals? Does anyone have a suggestion? I would hate to not be able to use my NAS as a true network drive. :(
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    Network Attached Storage (NAS) freezes

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I bought a Cavalry CAND3001T0 1TB Network Storage with RAID about three weeks ago. The idea was to set up a network drive where multiple computers could access the same files from one central repository (specifically the iTunes library and our...
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    downloading .rar in safari

    ok, so i installed it, and while the file is being prepared to be downloaded, it has the UnRarX icon inthe download window, but as soon as it starts to download, it changes to a text file icon and adds the .txt to the end of the filename. i have suitcase installed and it showed the suitcase...
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    downloading .rar in safari

    i dunno if this is something that happens to anyone else, but whenever i download a .rar file in safari, it will save it with an additional extension. ie. i download temp.rar, when the download is complete, it renames it temp.rar.txt has anyone else seen this behavior, and is there a way...
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    Mac presentation shortcomings?

    can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not, ST, but i actually could not live without a two button mouse. i got accustomed to one at work, and bought a logitech multi button mouse, the predecessor to this:,CRID=2135,CONTENTID=9043...
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    RAM chip differences

    i am looking to upgrade the RAM chip in my girlfriend's mini, and here is a link from OWC with all the RAM chips that will work with the mini: my question is: are...
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    Wanting to get my first mac!

    well, one thing that parents appreciate is their kids working to obtain a goal. if you have saved enough for the 650 mini, they may help you get the 800 tower. :D i was told in the apple store, though, that the mini is not a user serviceable machine under their rules. so by opening it up...
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    Good Bye eMac?

    i have always liked my macs with a little more punch, hence my getting a G5 tower, so i have never understood the fascination with the eMacs. can't the mini do all the eMacs can? my girlfriend has one and she can do some processor intensive stuff, albeit a little more slowly than my machine.
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    holy shnikes! that was it! i had done a trial version of VPC about 6 months ago and then removed it, but i never thought to look in here. MANY THANKS diablo! :D :D :D
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    What to do with Mac Mini

    well, to be honest, people have different preferences. while i am a die hard mac guy, and will never give up the mac, maybe the windoze machine is your choice. i am also a designer, so i love everything that apple does, the thought that went into the packaging, the actual products, it is very...
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    ok, here are the screen shots of what i see, along with a description of what was done to get there. i have had a mac for the past 10 years. i know how to use one. i only wanted VPC so i could do some work from home. i went through these exact...
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    i dunno how much more simple i can make it, i pop the cd in and click through the instructions of the installer, just hit next until i can't hit next anymore. then i get stuck cuz the installer says nothign is selected to install :confused:
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    ok, i repaired my disk permissions and still having the same issue. this is driving me batty! i probably should not have spent the money on VPC, but now i have to make it work. you can't return opened software >:/ anyone else have any thoughts?
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    ya know, i should have tried repairing permissions after intalling tiger. so i will try that when i get home. but disk space is not an issue. i have over 70 gigs still available.
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    if you selected in itunes the option to organize your music folders, then all the music it uses is in one place. if not, you are going to have to go through each song and do a "get info" on it to deterine it's location. BUT, if you did select the organize into folders option for itunes, you...
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    how do i restore

    if you don't have the orginal system disk that came with it, you may be able to find it on ebay. i have seen a lot of original system disks on there.
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    Shiira Browser

    this is the first time i have seen this browser, so i have NOT tried it yet. but does anyone have any thoughts on it? is it any good? i read the macworld article a coupla months back that reviewed various browsers, but Shiira was not in the list. i guess it's too new. ::alien::
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    sorry, the post got cut off :eek: anyway, it takes me through the first four steps of the installer, you know, the introduction, the agreement, etc. then it comes to the selct install type screen. it shows by default the advanced options screen where you are supposed to be able to click...
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    Virtual Pc Install On Tiger

    It seems I should have installed VPC version 7 on my computer before I installed Tiger. What is happening is that I just recently installed Tiger, and did the apple software update, so I am running OSX version 10.4.2. When I put my brand new VPC in my computer and run the installer, it takes...