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    G4 Powerbook Monitor Periodically Blacks Out

    Hi Nix, That's what I was thinking, too, but I finally bit the bullet, reinstalled everything, updated the os, disabled the energy saver stuff, and now things seem to be wokring alright. I can put it to sleep manually and wake it up (even for ten hours or more), and it shut it down and boot...
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    Powerbook 15"- afraid to shut off- this is a good one

    I don't know if this will help, but I have been having a similar problem with my g4 (running osx tiger). Sleep mode was coma mode - it would never wake up. It seemed especially if I moved it, it would freeze up - a hard boot would result in a black monitor, though I could head the hd, rom etc...
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    G4 Powerbook Monitor Periodically Blacks Out

    HI, I recently acquired a g4 pb (15" Aluminum 100GHz) from a friend. I know nothing about Mac software/hardware having grown up with IBM stuff. The problem I am having is my monitor periodically goes black. This sometimes happens after I move the unit. Sometimes I just try to boot to...