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  1. DeltaMac

    How to transfer music files from iPod to new iTunes 10?

    This thread tries to help with transferring music from a device (such as an iPod) to iTunes. So, it seems that you have mis-read the intent of this thread. (And, despite the fact that the thread is 8 years old, none of the answers will help you.) But, I will try: If you have downloaded some...
  2. DeltaMac

    USING a 2018 Mac laptop (any) as a hard drive

    Not sure if I understand your question. As near as I can tell, you would be describing using the Mac portable as a desktop (with lid closed, and external display, keyboard, and mouse, etc.) That's not just using as a hard drive, but using the CPU and booted to internal drive, but with the lid...
  3. DeltaMac

    BUTTERFLY KEYBOARD issue? update?

    I think I have this correct: The issue was somewhat mitigated with gen 2 butterfly keyboards in the current MBPro. The most visible mod was an addition of a dust barrier shield, which seems to be effective in making the dust issue better, and likely as a result, less sticking. There seems to be...
  4. DeltaMac

    Is there a way to share my Mac's VPN connection over Wi-Fi without using an ethernet cable?

    I don't know about trying to extend a wireless link, wirelessly through a VPN - but you can certainly connect with ethernet from a longer distance than you can connect through wifi. All it takes is enough length for your ethernet cable. I have often read that 300 feet on ethernet is a good limit...
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    Startup problem with early 2011 macbook pro laptop

    Apple DID have a repair program for the video issue which included those 2011 models. They dropped the 2011 models from that program at the beginning of 2017 -- actually providing repairs at no charge, about a year or two longer than would normally happen with other repair programs that Apple...
  7. DeltaMac

    Wakeup from sleep taking long time

    The macOS reinstall will reload the standard system files, and standard system apps. The reinstall, by itself, should not affect your own installed apps, or your user documents, music, pictures, etc. But, it never is a problem if you have a current backup before any major install or system...
  8. DeltaMac

    Wakeup from sleep taking long time

    I suggest reinstalling High Sierra: Make a bootable High Sierra installer, if you don't have one. Boot to that, and reinstall.
  9. DeltaMac

    Startup problem with early 2011 macbook pro laptop

    Search for "radeongate". You will find that your 2011 Macbook Pro is right in the middle of that issue. If your 2011 is a 15- or 17-inch, then your choice is to repair or replace the logic board. If you live near a larger city that might have a decent board-level repair shop, you can try to get...
  10. DeltaMac

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Just standing on the corner, watching all the girls (I mean, the world) go by...
  11. DeltaMac

    Can’t change Safari homepage.

    The home Library is normally hidden, so if you don't see a Library folder in your home folder, go to the Go menu in the Finder. Press the Option key to see the Library appear in that menu, then click on that. The rest is just looking through folders.
  12. DeltaMac

    Uninstalling Safari

    OK, so DDG works, but not that setting? Is that your only complaint about Safari? hmm... Safari's built-in website tracking settings (in the Privacy tab) are sufficient for me. Otherwise, I still prefer DuckDuckGo's simplicity .
  13. DeltaMac

    Uninstalling Safari

    Not sure what might be happening on your system. I am running latest Safari ver 12.1 on Mojave 10.14.1, and DuckDuckGo works with no problem. In fact, I have had DDGo set as my default search engine in Safari for several years, and it never fails for me. Maybe you have an outdated extension...
  14. DeltaMac

    Uninstalling Safari

    Removing "all traces" of Safari could mean removing Webkit and its supporting libraries. (and, yes, the next OS update would simply reinstall those standard Apple apps.) Webkit is used by a fairly wide range of OTHER apps, and would disable such apps as Mail, Google Chrome, some other Apple apps...
  15. DeltaMac

    2002 Quicksilver has apparently died... but has it?

    The PMU is simply a chip on the logic board. That wouldn't likely make everything stop working/ But, a dead power supply is the likely culprit. Pretty easy to check voltages at the power supply connector, using a voltmeter. The relevant contacts are all listed in the troubleshooting section of...
  16. DeltaMac

    Who PO'd Who?

    I don't think you will get José to do that, either. :cool:
  17. DeltaMac

    import dvd to OSX Photos

    I think you can simply import the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders on your DVD to Photos. Choose Import under the File menu, then browse to your DVD. Should work. But, do you not have iMovie? That's a more suitable app to use for videos - and you can edit your movies in iMovie, too.
  18. DeltaMac

    HELP. Black Screen/Blinking but inactive cursor Starting From Windows Install Disc

    Working my way up from the bottom: Macs do not have BIOS, so there is no way possible for you to muck around in BIOS and ruin anything. All you would need to do is reset the SMC, then reset NVRAM. That would be a good next step for you. Here's how I do that: Remove the battery, disconnect the...
  19. DeltaMac

    Startup issue

    If you are struggling with CHANGING the boot disk when you are booted to Windows, then I suggest that you do not change the selected boot disk. Boot to your macOS system. Open Startup Disk (in your System Preferences), and make sure that your macOS boot disk is selected. Go through the...
  20. DeltaMac

    2002 Quicksilver has apparently died... but has it?

    Yes, either of those steps are OK for a PMU reset (in this case, CUDA and PMU would be interchangeable terms) The important point is, after inserting the good battery, to only press the PMU button once. If you accidentally press it again, then you can simply take the battery out, and let it set...