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    I successfully made the switch

    Correct me if I am wrong folks, but doesn't DVD Studio Pro allow you to burn to external DVD drives.
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    What does this error mean?

    The post is downright destructive and I decided to report it to the mod. However, it was hilarious when I read it. I could just picture some newbies face after following this process.
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    Problems with Samba

    No matter what I tried I could not get my PC to connect to my Mac. I was able to connect via SMB to the Win box, but PC > Mac was a no go. It was not until I created a Account in System Preferences with a shortname the same as my Win Box that I was able to see the Mac from the PC. My box...
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    Newbie Questions!!!

    The docklings can be used in X.1 the problem is finding them. The old battery and air port docklings are located on the original X install CD. To reinstall the dockling all you have to do is find them on the install CD, drop them in a new "Dockling" folder in the Application folder, and...
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    Optimizing is bad and fsck -y no longer works?

    The quick and easy way to perform this function is to open terminal and type.... sudo shutdown now That will immediately bring you to single user mode which looks like this... localhost # then type fsck -y the operation will perform. Upon completion type exit and your computer...
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    Flagship Stores.

    I have the Glendale Apple Store less than 20 minutes from my apartment, and now a Flagship at the Grove at Farmer's Market less than 10 minutes. God bless LA. I was hoping for a store at Hollywood & Highland so it would only be a two minute walk, but will have to live with a short drive to...
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    Mac OS X 10.1.5 Released!

    Sim didn't your post say close of business earlier, or something to that effect. I noticed you edited your post at 4:59 pm. LOL :) I can care less. 12 midnight is fine with me. Close of business for Apple may mean when Stevey dismisses you, and not necessarily a set hour. 'm not sure...
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    Mac OS X 10.1.5 Released!

    I am really praying for this release, not because 10.1.4 is not usable, but because I do not want to see Sim get abused. 3 minutes left!!!
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    WindowShade X problem in 10.1.2?

    WS was causing me headaches under 10.1.1. I had to disable WindowShade and then minimize the preference app to the dock and then maximize and enable for WS to work properly. If I quit preferences entirely I had to start this process over.
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!! Old ones are at:
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    Sosumi = Speed

    I guess that teaches me I should read carefully. I went through that whole process for nothing. Hell at least I learned something along the way. Plus it works so I can't complain. Jason
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    Sosumi = Speed

    Drop the Sosumi theme into a folder called whatever you want. Mine is located at ~/Pictures/Themes/Sosumi Once you drop it into a folder open up the terminal and go to the folder where the Sosumi files are located. In my case I would type: cd ~/Pictures/Themes/Sosumi Once you are in...
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    Why is IE the only app that crashes on OS X?

    I just remember getting the same type of message when I moved Office to a different folder. Anyone using a clean copy of Office out there. I am still using a beta, don't lecture me, the disk is one the way via US Mail. My Entourage beta crashes everytime I try to download my hotmail folders...
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    Aaargh, Metamorph X disaster!!!

    I took the liberty of editing Sine's sosumi installer, an honestly I have no idea if it was necessary. I assume Sine's had some type of uninstall and restore already built in, but I did it anyway and it works. I would be more than happy to post it somewhere if someone needs it. Basically...
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    Why is IE the only app that crashes on OS X?

    I think Office v.X folder has to be in the Applications folder to function correctly. Just a thought.
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    How do you launch an app?

    I use Launch Bar and Drag thing to launch my apps, but one thing I disagree with in your post is the Apps alias in the Dock. I really do not see what the difference is between having the App folder to the left or right of the seperator. Is it really more intuitive to have it to the left...
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    Kaleidoscope X
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    My contribution to the desktop lovefest!!
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    Is there anyway to do this?

    I think it works unless I am misunderstanding your question. Once the video begins click on the picture and drag it to your desktop. Then open open up the file on your desktop and save as self contained movie.
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    SMB and WinXP

    I actually ran the Dave uninstaller and tried to locate any remants of the CIFS files on my system but I can't seem to find any junk lying around. If the CIFS files were the problem though would I fail to connect at work. I can connect to the NT domain at work with...