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    Power PC G4 - as slow as can be on internet

    I'm running a 400MHz Power PC G4 with 256 MB SDRAM and Mac OSX 10.3.9 on the net via wireless and it is SUPER slow. My Mac Geek buddy suggested I install a new hard drive (as it's only got its original 20gb hard drive) as it may increase the speed. Does this sound feasable? The Hard drive...
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    My G4 doesn't hear a mike

    I'm glad that someone has posted this problem as I'm having the same trouble with my G4! I've also bought a headset with mic to use on Skype (phono jacks) but it doesn't work, so I bought a USB head and mic set and this doesn't work either LOL!!!
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    Epson Stylusphoto 1290 & Os 10.3.9

    Hi, I'm new to Macs and I can't get my printer to work in Photoshop CS. Firstly, it wouldn't let me remove the borders when printing. I contacted Epson and they suggested removing all Epson drivers from my mac and re-installing them again. I did this and now I can't get anything!!! Epson...
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    New Mac Minis?

    Mmm, just been reading your comments on the mac mini's. The other day, I went in to PC World in Swindon and try to buy a mac mini. The shop assistant said he didn't have any in - and he wouldn't be getting anymore in either! I tried to buy the "shop soiled" one off the shelf and he wouldn't...