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    Mail Problem

    Hi Everyone, I am not so happy this time to be here. Why? well is pretty simple. This morning I go to my lovly iMac running 10.2.1 and open Mail. Guess what? All my mail is disappeard like in a funny joke. What happen? Where is all my mail? I have some important stuff there and I would...
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    Log in take long time

    Hey guys, Tnx to all of you. I finally solved the problem, I just made another user, logged in from there and woila, the game was done. I do not know why it was doing that but yuo where probably right on thet IP stuff, the fact is that now my log in time is short again, I am very glad you guys...
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    Log in take long time

    First of all tnx to alll of you, well to StarBuck I tryed to lunch the et up assistant again, and it tells me that I you can run the setup assistant just after the first run. You are right, I did changed my IP from a dynamic one to a static one, and I guess that is a problem, is there any way to...
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    Log in take long time

    You are right, if i physically unplug the mac from the line the login process is imediate. What should I do now to stop this thing? Is there any option or prefs that I have to shut off to stop the computer to do an online check of my pass. You kindly found my problem, now do yuo have a solution...
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    Log in take long time

    No, even with all the network prefs off it still do the same thing.... I do not know why.... help confused:
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    iDISK is hella fast in 10.1.5

    Man it use to take a long time, now surfing trough the folders is almost real time, they did do a good job... Tnx guy I was very disappointed with iDisk before but now it does what it was made for.... Ciao from Italy
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    Log in take long time

    Hi guys, I am finally back online afther a long time and I am glad to be back here with you. I have a little problem and hopefully one of you will be able to help me. I just got a new iMac, a 800Mhz one. I have installed MacOS X Server 10.1.4. The problem comes when I log in as a user in...
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    Why the new imac will fail

    Hey Guys, the new iMac is a nice machine. Superdrive, 15' flat screen, g4 800 and a nvidia 32 meg. You r crazy, a similar system up to a week ago cost 3000 dollars and now is all there. Don't forget that this is a consumer supercomputer. you can do everything and more that you can do with the...
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    wanted: realistic reasons to buy a mac

    His dad probably know what is the difference between a Ford and a Ferrari. Both r car, they both get you from A to B. One is a better, safer and nicer car than the other. Is the extra cost good there? Well I have in my office a Performa 630, more than 10 years old and a 128 mac that even older...
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    FCP3, X 10.1 & matro rtMac

    Well guys, the title say it all. When are the driver for the matrox card will come out for FCP3 under macos X. The driver is out for os 9.2.2 but nothing yet for X. Tnx.....:confused:
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    OS 9.2.1 Problems

    I have a G4/400 AGP and I have the same problem, I wonder why it does that. I work with FinalCut Pro and I had the same problem. The computer never start right the first time and shut off by itself in the middle of doing something. I wonder if anyone out there as a solution for it...
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    Shut down

    Hey Guys, I have a new problem and I hope that some of you can give me a solution. sometimes the computer shut down by itself in the middle of doing something. It happen a lot in finalcut 2. Do you know what is it? How do you fix it? I have a g4 400 AGP and its driving me crazy. seems the...
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    4200 RPM o 5200 RPM

    Hey Everyone, I have a question for you guys. I have to buy a new hard drive for my Powerbook G4/400. I saw that they now have 5200 RPM drive. Do you guy think that there is a ot of difference between 5200 and 4200 RPM drives? Do you hing that it will be noticeble? Please help me...
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    Just X

    Hey Guys, first of all I want to say thanks to, this is a beautiful web page and I had a lots of help thatks to thes. I know that is probably stupid but I just want to tell you guys that I have been able to run my chiropractic business just out of X. Infact I am using just...
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    Internet Explorer Favourite

    Hey guys, do you know if is possible to import my bookmark from internet explorer 5. I have quite a bit an I would not like to go back one by one and re-bookmarket all. Thanks
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    ADSL Problems

    Hey Man... you made my day. Your DNS work beautifully. I was so sad that I erased X but afther your hint, this mornong I reinstalled it and try it. I was so happy to find out that now I can be normal like everyone else and go crazy with X. I am writing you from X before I could not access the...
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    ADSL Problems

    Hey Evryone. I desperately need your help. I just installed an ADSL line with a static internal IP Now when I tryy to connect to the net I have a lots of problems. Explorer or any other web browser just allow me to link to certain web pages and not to others. I connot download anything...