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    Regular Expression Gurus Out There?

    That really *is* a doh! I started out with something very similar to what you propose, but forgot to update the variable somewhere along the line. Thanks for the additional insight...I am going to check out that book.
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    Regular Expression Gurus Out There?

    I am learning Perl regular expressions (on an OS X 10.1 workstation with the default Perl install). I am trying to duplicate the functionality of many of these message boards that allow pseudo-HTML code, for example using [*b*]text here[/*b*] to bold a phrase (minus the asterisks). As such, I...
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    Checking for a new file & importing into MySQL

    I am not sure if PHP has any sort of triggering mechanism. If you have the lynx browser installed you could run something like this every couple of minutes to hit your PHP script: #!/bin/sh lynx Your script would then look in the folder and do...
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    Someone verify this bug?

    I found out that I am able to authenticate into NetInfo Manager using any user name and password, even non-admin users. Is anyone else able to do this?