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    Dual mon

    I completely agree. Once I started using two monitors, looking at one (like on my TiBook) makes everything seem too cluttered. My set-ups are here.
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    GeForce4 MX

    I have this card in my Dual. It doesn't flash nearly as often as I heard. In fact, I don't remember it flashing at all in the last 2 weeks.
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    Picture of your setup

    Find my pics here. :D
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    Picture of your setup

    Here are some I have never had any problems with the iSub....weird. Yes, You invest this much, battery back-up & protection is a must.
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    Picture of your setup

    Small Version Large Version :D
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    iPhoto Book Printing

    It works awesome for selling books to drivers & fans at a track I do a web site for. It is a nice keepsake for themselves, or a promotional idea for their sponsors.
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    iPhoto Book Printing

    That guy has no idea what he is talking about. :rolleyes: I have a 2.2 megapixel camera. The book printed better than my expectations. I have resold 10 books already. People have liked them so well.
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    Disable Live resizing

    Get a better graphics card. I just bought a ATI Radeon AGP 32MB. Absolutely no problem with live resizing. :cool:
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    Were is my iPod?

    I have heard that some have gotten stuck in customs. Yours may be sitting on some ramp waiting to be gone through. :confused:
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    Stop complaining!!!!!

    I agree! :D Everyone's needs and wants will always be different. There are things that I need X.1 to do that it quite can't yet. I have expressed those interests to Apple through their Feedback Form . Constructive Feedback, Not Complaining. :)
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    Post your OS X.1 Desktop Pics!!!!

    Here are my Screenshots of X.1 :D
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    10.1 - change your drive icons easily! Try "Carlito Drives" "World of Aqua 2" Or Try
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    10.1 performance report

    I am running a IceBook with 256 RAM and the speed improvements in 10.1 are far better than I expected for this machine. My G4 Tower with 576 RAM was blazing. :D 10.1 Update was worth the wait at the Apple Store for 2 hours before open.