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    Migrating to Mac OS X Server from Windows NT

    After many attempts and some hair pulling, we were able to get the migration to complete successfully. We now have an Xserve running as an Open Directory Master and have demoted our local AD Domain Controller. We still have the another AD Domain Controller up and running on another subnet...
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    Migrating to Mac OS X Server from Windows NT

    I am following the steps according to Apple's "Migrating to Mac OS X Server from Windows NT". In terminal, in enter (as instructed): sudo /usr/sbin/ <ntdomain> <ntserver> <ntadmin> <diradmin> hit return and "An error occurred migration domain; check system log" Entry...
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    Office 2004 Saving error

    I have a user on a MAC mini that is having issues saving Word documents. On the third save of the document (yes the third save, I am able to reproduce this easily) an error is generated stating that there is not enough disk space. It does not matter where you try to save the file it fails with...
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    Web Links??

    Ok, I am a recent unvoluntary convert from Windows to MAC and I am having trouble with Web links. I have discovered that MACs are not as bad as my past experience with them. They do a lot of things well, even better than a PC, but links, shortcuts, aliases does not seem to be one of them...