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    Wireless printing with canon 5200R

    Don't know anything about using the airport express, but I had to use a PrintFab to be able to print to my Canon wirelessly: check out It's great!
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    Admin Password keeps changing

    Thanks for the info! What would you suggest as being the best way to move my docs, itunes and photos over to a new user before removing this account that may be corrupt?
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    Admin Password keeps changing

    Call me silly for asking, but want to make sure I don't do anything wrong cause i've never done this before. Before deleting these files, shouldn't I create a new user first? Also when I delete these Pref files, and create a new user, that new admin user isn't going to be able to access...
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    Admin Password keeps changing

    Are you saying to delete the entire Admin user or a particular preference file?
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    Admin Password keeps changing

    I have a Powerbook G4 laptop and for some weird reason, my password keeps changing on me. I have not been able to figure out any rhyme or reason to it. I have two accounts set up as login and the other is a backup login just in case. I'm on 10.4.7. I am set up on a wireless...
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    Can't see printers on XP machine

    Cheryl... Did you ever find a resolution to this? I have the same issue and have tried everything under the sun. I have an older HP PSC 750. Other machine is running XP too. I was fine printing in 10.3 then when I went to 10.4, it all stopped. I've tried everything myself and am...
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    Unable to print wireless

    I have a network set up at home. I have installed a linksys print server and am trying to set up my Powerbook G4 to print to it and haven't been able to for 6 months now. I have a PC running Windows XP that can print to my printer which is a HP PSC 750. I have downloaded the Gimp-drivers, I...