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    Problems with "No Burner/Recorder"

    I have used two different burners on the same Mac, one that came with my G4 and one from a different G4 at work. Both say that burning is fully supported in System Profiler on my home G4. I could try hooking up the burners to my PC, but I am worried that it will work and *that* will really...
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    Problems with "No Burner/Recorder"

    Sadly, did not work. I changed the settings from "Ask me what to do" to launching a different application and selected Toast 5.2.1 (I think that was the version). When I insert the DVD-R (TDK) nothing happens and then it ejects the media. :(
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    Problems with "No Burner/Recorder"

    I will try this out when I get home tonight and let you know what happens. Yes, I have tried Toast - even the Finder does not mount the recordable media so I can copy to it. :(
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    Problems with "No Burner/Recorder"

    BTW, the Matsushita drive (from 2000) came out of a different G4 from the office. Stop laughing at my old machines. :-P
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    Problems with "No Burner/Recorder"

    Hi there, I was all psyched to try out my hand with burning DVDs from my DV camcorder. Sadly, I seem to be stuck. I have a PowerMac G4 450Mhz, 768MB RAM running OS X 10.2.6 and all the Software Updates. I get No Burner/Recorder when checking iTunes, Toast and iDVD. I can...
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    Tony Hawk 2 and OSX

    I have a similar problem. When I try to launch the OSX version it starts up and then quits out with an unknown error. :( Alice does the same thing for me. However, if I boot into 9.2.1 I can run and play both fine. I have all the latest software updates, etc., on a Blue G3 350 512MB RAM...
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    iMovie to VCD/DVD

    Hi there, I have a kind of anemic Mac, G3 350 512MB, but I am trying to capture DV from mt Sony VX2000. The video imports perfectly fine, but now I am a little stuck. I *want* to make a VCD of the project, but I am a newbie and a little confused. I can make a QT movie which is...
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    AOL troubles

    Hello, I have a sharred account with my grandfather for AOL and he is allways on I am wondering if someone has or knows a webpage that has something that can kick someone off that is on your account? Thanx, I hope someone out there has something!
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    RAM for OS X

    I have been wondering the same thing while I read the thread. I was definitely under the impression that the PCxxx rating was an indicator of bus speed stability. I feel pretty certain that in the PC world no one spouts out that PC133/150 will slow down your 100 MHz FSB machine...
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    Lime Wire Problems

    I used to master CDs using Toast and in order to save the Finder settings correctly I had to load another app to force Finder to refresh. If I did *not* load the app, they suggested and I used SimpleText, the window size and placement usually did not match the final layout before the burn. If...