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    Disk Copy 6.5... Where oh where...

    its in my public folder. my member name is antonysmith
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    10.1 for download

    The most widely drunk lager/beer in the UK is Stella Artois from belgium and I think that its about as close to perfect as you can get
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    Alitvec for OS X?

    I dont think the voting otions are very fair as if you were to vote for Altivec to be an option would that not mean you want it to be faster. If you vote for faster response would not the further addition of altivec code achieve this??
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    Disk Copy 6.5... Where oh where...

    Give me your email address and I'll send you it.
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    If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

    I was pleased to hear about the App that needs attention bouncing in the dock. It really used to piss me off in 10.0.x when you hear an error alert but as there in no app menu you didn't know which app it was. Does anyone know what happens if you have the dock hidden and an app needs attention...
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    Mail Server features ?

    My main frustration is not being able to assign account names linger than 8 characters without going into the netinfo control panel. Even after that the app only uses the first 8 characters anyway. So if the account is not unique by then it won't work. It also has a very poor feature set with...
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    Proxy Server

    If anyone is going to run a proxy server on OSX JProxyma from rocks. Long live Java
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    DHCP and Clients

    The DHCP server just serves IP addresses to the clients. ie your OSX server has IP address you have a gateway to the internet at In the server setting you select a range of IP addresses to be served and put as the router address. Fire up a client machine and tell it...
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    OS X Server v1.2 - Memory vs. Performance

    Up to about 512mb on a G4 , quite alot. I stuffed 640mb up from 128mb in a G4 450 and the speed increase after was to say the least instantly noticeable.
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    Original OSX Server - need help big time!!!

    If the above solutions don't work reinstalling isn't too bad. You will lose your original settings but so long as you don't initialize the partition it won't delete files you have put on there. I have done a reinstall with OSX myself and it retained all my data(excluding prefs etc) Antony
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    Internet Gateway & DHCP Server on OSX?

    Meant to add this line sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1 doesn't matter where you put it
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    Internet Gateway & DHCP Server on OSX?

    Create your external connection with the public IP addresses you have in the Network control panel. Then open up the terminal and type the following ifconfig eno alias netmask This creates an alias for your local network. Now you need to turn on NAT on the...
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    Gated on OS X Server

    has anyone managed to successfully compile gated on OSX Server
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    QuickTime Streaming Server ?

    Hang on a minute before you go out and buy the camera. To broadcast a live stream you need more than just a camera and QTSS. This setup will be fine for pre-recorded video, however. To 'cast a live stream you also need something to encode and send the live video to the QTSS in realtime. As of...
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    OS X on a Beige G3/Tips for new OS X users

    I have run OSX on an iBook 300 with 160mb. It runs OK not as fast as the powerbook G3's but its stable. The GUI can be a bit slow but the latest updates speed it up alot, classic feels about as fast as OS9.1 when booted up directly. The CLI runs great, when running the CLI its difficult to...
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    Mac OS X screenshot in a new movie!

    I always laugh when you have a someone using a computer in a movie tapping away at a keyboard when they are using a GUI without a CLI in sight.
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    TV addicts dream cool as f**k

    I use a IX/TV card on an old Powertower pro with a 400 G3. I had to put OS8.5 on for compatability (it kept crashing) and a slightly older version of the drivers. If you want them I can send them to you.
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    TV addicts dream cool as f**k

    I set up a client streaming Live TV to my QTSS on OSX Server using Sorenson Broadcaster. So I can sit in my office (or any other office) and watch live TV in a Quicktime player. I also have a IR sender so I can change the channel from my office to : ) Cuts out channel surfing though as there is...
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    Mail Server features ?

    Forget it. The mail server bulit into OSX server is actually worse than the one in ASIP. I'm not going into it as it winds me up. Do yourself a favour and get either Tenons iTools or Communigate Pro (which I consider to be the greatest email server created).
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    Additional Ethernet Card

    All the ZNYX network cards work right out of the box as the drivers are built into the Kernel. I bought a dual port card and it worked a treat. Them manufacture a single, dual and four port card. The single port card is the one Apple supply in the dual ethernet card configurations which they sell.