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  1. Holmes

    OSX feature...

  2. Holmes

    Show your project.

    Just released it on Sunday. Expect a drastically better version soon...:D Oh yeah, I also programmed Raptor-ASF which can be found here. Raptor won best sound and music in the uDevGames programming contest:
  3. Holmes

    SpirographX (my new app)

    I just released SpirographX, an image app I programmed in Cocoa, this afternoon. SpirographX is used to generate cool, radial images. It works like a spirograph, but with limitless possibilities. Add more loops, tweak loop diameters, and set colors to create endless visuals. The animate...
  4. Holmes

    Snowboarders ... need a new jacket?

    Finally, an iPod accessory more expensive than the iPod!? Count me in!
  5. Holmes

    10.2.3 is actually slower?

    But the great leader says OS X is an improvement... Down the memory hole with OS9. "Daddy, was life really better with OS9?" "What's OS9? Apple said it never existed." -slight allusion to Animal Farm...and other works of Orewell...
  6. Holmes

    Gateway stops copying Apple! And starts stealing!!!

    That add is halarious even without the powerbook G4 in it. Why would you want a differen't computer for music, video, and photo? Why not just get a computer 100-200 dollars more expensive that can do ALL of them well? And the quote "Real photographers choose Gateway photo PC's, photo...
  7. Holmes

    Yikes! Calculator bug?

    When I get the sine of 180, it gives me -4.102 * 10^-10. Thats a very small number, but ITS NOT 0! Sin(180)=0! The calculator is horrible.
  8. Holmes

    uDevGame contest!

    The uDev game contest begins tomorrow, and voting begins on the 18th! For those of you who don't know, the uDev game contest is a contest to encourage macintosh game development but offereing incentive to develop and to release source code. This year there are 57 games in the contest, 42...
  9. Holmes

    Canon powershot movie capture

    I have a powershot s30 and image capture works great for downloading the movies.
  10. Holmes

    A good little OSX game to recommend me ?

    :D thanks for reccomending my game! There's a new beta v.96 on the web now btw. Something creapy was that updated their website with the new version without me asking...guess I must be famous! And yah, I don't think its as good as Mars Rising either, but I sure am crossing...
  11. Holmes

    Has anybody else noticed this?

    Wow! Thats cool, I've never seen that before.
  12. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    Well, I don't think your theory is right, but if you'd like to test the validity of it scientifically....Well, here you go: Or maybe you can just take up programming with it...its great.
  13. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    Lol...If you first don't succeed, try try again obsessivly. *Imagines Tormente at home* "maybe it will work this time" *click* "hmm...maybe it'll work this time" *click* "hmm...maybe..." P.S. I joke, but I really am sorry!
  14. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    My game seems to not like G4 towers. Every complaint I've recieved is from tower uers. Its really weird and defies explanation! btw, beta downloads of raptor have exceeded 2,600! Yay! Go me! :P
  15. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    10.2 isn't the problem. It works perfectly (as it should since I'm the developer!) on my powerbook G4 with 10.2.1. Maybe its the fact that your using 10.2 and not 10.2.1? I really have no idea. I talked to the guys at TNT and they're clueless too. They only have a small number of machines...
  16. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    Crap. The game worked for you before didn't it? This must be due to the fact it was compiled with the new version of TNT basic. Can you give me your system stats? I'll report it imeadiatly to the boys. Terribly sorry about that. You can press the P key, which will bring up the pause menu...
  17. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    Yup, mars rising was great. Deimos rising is great too, only the gameplay is very differen't because the ships stop every few seconds. I guess this is because they made the maps in Bryce instead of putting together tiles like they did in Mars Rising and didn't want hours of work to fly by in...
  18. Holmes

    Beta Test Raptor (my OSX game)

    Hey, I've worked since late september on my game. I started just a few days after diving into TNT basic, my new BASIC compiler. I formed a group with a few friends, and got one to do the music for my game, and one to help with maps. The end result is quickly becoming the best game I've...
  19. Holmes

    Raptor (the game I'm programming) update

    Yeah, I named it that never actually meaning to release it to the public. It started off just as a program to test out my new compiler (TNT Basic, very cool) and my skills. Then it grew into what it is now. Luckily I saved all the photoshop files so all I'd have to do to change the name is...
  20. Holmes

    Raptor (the game I'm programming) update

    Since the game is 10MB (around), it'd probably be best if you just waited till it came out in a few weeks. Its at the point where all the technical details like interface, how scores, saves, and what not are covered and we can now focus on adding gameplay. We're going to be adding some really...