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  1. Lt Major Burns

    FLV movies presented as chapters

    flash, after effects, final cut, any content production program that can export to flv and supports markers, can expoert flv with chapter markers. once that's in place, you can use flash to pick up on these markers and use them to trigger events, like text, or anything really. it's not exactly...
  2. Lt Major Burns

    Underclocking a Dual G5

    ah yeah hi! been mad busy this end over the last few months... to be honest, i don't want to buy any magic-bean solutions off the internet to get allegedly quieter fans, i'd prefer to underclock and not need any fans at all! there must be a way...
  3. Lt Major Burns

    Wanted: Original AirPort card (old style)

    I have an AirPort-less iBook G3, that i'd really like to get online, free of wires and dongles at last. I was wondering if anyone happened to have one knocking around in an old imac or something that they'd be willing to part with? it tuns out that they're quite difficult to come by these...
  4. Lt Major Burns

    Underclocking a Dual G5

    Hello all, not posted on here in a while, but i know someone will be able to help here! I have a late 2004 dual G5, which was once the powerhorse that served me very well, but now sits in the bedroom at home serving music and occasional internetting. i like to listen to music in bed quite...
  5. Lt Major Burns

    Downgrade OS's... possible?

    unfortunately not. Mac OS only allows you to upgrade, not downgrade. to go backwards, you need to do a clean install (wipe and start over) or an archive install (archiving your previous installation in a separate folder before installing a new one).
  6. Lt Major Burns

    OS market shares

    This was also a time where Jobs put an end to a lot of things: the Newton platform, their server interests, their peripheral interests (quicktake cameras and stylewriter printers etc) and even a ton of macs (5500, 6500, 7200, 7300, 8600, 9600, TAM, 2400 and 3400 powerbooks)! it was a time of...
  7. Lt Major Burns

    What bitrate do you guys rip at?

    if you can't tell.... then why bother...?
  8. Lt Major Burns

    10.5.3 is out!

    Anyone else noticed that column view in finder now sorts numbers intelligently, so that 1<2, 2<10, 30<112 etc? and how long has this been around? Also, does anyone know if this sorts out the crashing problems with InDesign CS3 under Leopard or not?
  9. Lt Major Burns Battery: Very Disappointed

    is there not a 14-day absolute satisfaction guarantee? as clearly, you would not have bought it had you known these defects?
  10. Lt Major Burns

    imac (1.5 years old) operates very slowly

    undoubtedly, the problems you are having stem from your almost full hard drive. OS X needs 10-15% disk space free on it's main volume just so it can handle itself (think trying to work on a desk piled high with work and documents and bills and bits of paper etc). Although Chevy recommends...
  11. Lt Major Burns

    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    flip4mac does what any third party application can do: offer support for WMV9. WMV9 DRM and WMV10 (inc drm) is a totally closed microsoft ware. i believe that microsoft view it as a bonus for using windows.
  12. Lt Major Burns

    Looking for a good music player for OSX

    what specific features are you after? also, you might want to give iTunes another look, the native OS X version is much nicer than the windows versions... there aren;t that many competitors to iTunes on the mac simply because iTunes does such a good job in the first place!
  13. Lt Major Burns

    camera use with msn

    yes, this is true. Microsoft have never supported webcams on Mac, and the 3rd party msn apps have had a hard time developing a working webcam solution for the protocol. aMSN, which is a rather ugly Java port of Windows messenger has some basic support for webcams, as does the above mentioned...
  14. Lt Major Burns

    Fastest App Launch Hard Drive?

    i for one am never really phased by the amount of time a CS3 app takes to launch. it's a heavy app full of millions of lines of code. more importantly though, i only load up my cs3 apps about 15 times a year... if you have enough ram, there's really little need to ever quit apps, only for full...
  15. Lt Major Burns

    Graphics Nightmare on Leo....

    to reset the PRAM, which basically flushes the hardware, including graphics hardware, hold apple+option+p+r as you turn the mac on, holding it until you hear the startup chime 2-4 times, then let go and let it boot.
  16. Lt Major Burns

    Help Me Turn a G5 into a NAS RAID

    i'm in a similar situation. i'm planning on replacing my dual 1.8 g5 with a mbp+a NAS solution for the amount of media i have. i'm leaning against the G5 as a NAS purely on terms of efficiency. G5's run hot and drain a lot of power from the grid. the sooner ican get rid of this thing, the...
  17. Lt Major Burns

    Moire for Mac OS X

    please pardon my ignorance, but wasn't moire quite a crap screensaver even in the 90's?
  18. Lt Major Burns

    Is it possible to buy an iPhone without a plan?

    (cough) jailbreak (cough)
  19. Lt Major Burns

    What is this "LED" screen in the new Macbook Pro?

    all disks were automatically verified on completion, and successful. it's really very subtle corruption, if i go back and recopy that song off the back up, it'll still come out corrupt, but slightly differently. personally, i will only feel safe when my back up solution is online, in the...
  20. Lt Major Burns


    The Command key in OS X has always been misnamed/labeled the apple key. it's finally got rid of confusing thing of having two names for the same key.