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  1. zerologic

    how do i open a .asp media file

    However, many sites that stream media use asp to serve their pages. Usually a link that causes a stream to begin is served by ASP dynamically... if the server isn't set up correctly this can result in an asp file being downloaded. If it is, the mime type is set correctly and the resulting...
  2. zerologic

    how do i open a .asp media file

    Did you ever figure this out? You may want to open the asp file in TextEdit or another text editor and see what is in it. Usually that helps to discover what the problem is. You can email one to me and I'll look at it too... michael at 0
  3. zerologic

    small features of jaguar that may deem interesting

    Type Command-K or choose "Connect to Server..." from the Go menu in the Finder. Enter an FTP URL in the "Address:" line like this: Currently there are problems writing to volumes mounted this way... and supposedly they'll be fixed soon. 0
  4. zerologic

    Export entourage contacts to address book?

    Fine and dandy... it was actually for a client, but yeah it worked great for OE5. 0
  5. zerologic

    Export entourage contacts to address book?

    The path to the built in email scripts is: /Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts There are options for Outlook Express 5, Entourage and many others. 0
  6. zerologic

    linux-like system monitors?

    just go to and search for "Monitor" in the OS X section. :) You'll get 4 pages of crap that monitors stuff. 0
  7. zerologic

    RealPlayer in Classic mode?

    I use it all the time. I'm using RP 7 in Classic NP.
  8. zerologic

    Making a HomePage with iTools

    it is browser based web page building with a ton of creative freedom: 0
  9. zerologic

    Click on desktop brings finder windows to front

    Ugh. This is not a transition. 7 to 8 was a transition, 8 to 9 was a transition. 9 to X is NOT. X is a new OS. This would be inconsistent with the way the rest of the OS works. I happen to like that the only window that comes forward is the one I click on. :) Then again, I usually never...
  10. zerologic

    is osx a true unix system

    I beg to differ. I have a Sony VAIO mouse (Windows 98 only on the outside of the box :-D ) that works fine in most of my carbon apps, including the finder. BBEdit, IE, FirstClass, Finder, Photoshop, Freehand etc. 0 [edit: sorry, didn't see that the thread is 100yrs old :)]
  11. zerologic

    Beware of Logitech beta drivers!

    You're kidding right? The driver teams are completely different... this is a lame post IMHO which makes me lame for replying I guess.
  12. zerologic

    OS X and Apache 2.0.x

    is to try this lemme know. 0
  13. zerologic

    How can I create multipage TIF files?

    I'd like to know about it too. :) 0
  14. zerologic

    OS X and Apache 2.0.x

    remove your uncompressed source directory so we know you're starting from scratch... then uncompress a freshy. cd in to the new dir and type: cp /usr/libexec/config.* . this copies a couple of files in to your dir letting apache know what type of system you're on and provides other...
  15. zerologic

    Can the finder dock icon be made to open a different application?

    you can change the background picture for your log-in screen by renaming the desired file to Aqua Blue.jpg in /Library/Desktop Pictures/ so why couldn't you "replace" (rename of course, don't replace your original "finder") but replace the item in your /System/Library/CoreServices/ directory...
  16. zerologic

    Film Scanners

    One URL: 0
  17. zerologic

    An Inquisitive PC (XP) user...

    The Cube run X efficiently. It is no speed demon but it will certainly get the job done. Max it our with RAM and consider a larger drive. You'll be happy with it as a first/learning Mac for sure. Then you can get the new Titanium laptop with the combo drive (droooooool) to complete the...
  18. zerologic

    new Mail app

    yeah, I can't get my Commodore VIC-20 to sync with my Ti/500 running either... I know, I know, it was discontinued like 17 years ago and have ZERO reason to expect it to work, but I like to bitch anyway. That is why I don't use :D
  19. zerologic

    An Inquisitive PC (XP) user...

    One thing people tend to forget is that you don't need the latest and greatest to run X. I have a dual 500 that runs X like a DREAM. I have 1GB of ram in too. Just my thoughts. 0
  20. zerologic

    IpNetRouter in OS X

    Get GNAT or better yet, learn the real tools: ipfw natd